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5 Reasons why you should not hang up on a sales call...

 5 Reasons why you should not hang up on a sales call...

As a business development manager, getting ‘hung up on’ is an unfortunate drawback in the nature of working in sales, and it’s understandable that if you get lots of speculative sales calls it can be a real nuisance. But what makes you take a call when you get them…….and what encourages you to listen and engage? If you can spare the time to take an initial call, I’ve have listed below reasons why you should not hang up!

#1 We chose you!

Any good salesperson will take the time to research and investigate any potential new client. We take the time to research your company thoroughly and link to people within your network. By doing this research we became aware that we have an offering that could help you and your colleagues everyday, and lets face it everyone would jump at the chance for a bit of help sometimes.

#2 We have something great to offer

Not everyone can be a good salesperson, but when the salesperson calling you is passionate about what they do, embraces what their company stands for and the product/service on offer, then you really know you’re on call to an expert. There is no “one size fits all “ solution when it comes to sales, so for me its about listening to what challenges you have, what the needs of your business are and then talking through what ideas or solutions we have that would benefit not only you, but your business too, then will you be able to make a clear decision...

#3 Could it help with your professional network?

By taking the call and linking with the salesperson it can add potential new prospects for you and your company.  Remember, the salesperson on the line will have a wide range of connections in all sort of sectors and industries striking new relationships through their profile and network groups. These connections could benefit you going forward, so do a bit of digging yourself with the sales person to see how they could benefit you professionally.  

#4 We all need to sell what we do at some point…...

Be kind, your company may have members of a sales team making calls on your company's behalf too. Maybe you have heard their difficulties when they make a sales call so try to take into account the other person on the line and if it really is a no for the time being, quickly explain that now isn't a good time and re-arrange for a more convenient slot or when the right opportunity will arise.

#5 You could you learn something new

Taking the sales call and opening your eyes and ears could benefit you immensely. You will not only find out information about the product on offer but think about what else you could learn and take away from it? How could it help your day to day operations? Potentially saving you time time and or money? You may have your eyes opened to a product you haven't particularly taken in consideration previously as you haven't used a travel management company before and are wondering how by implementing one in place it could benefit your business.


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