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5 Signs it’s time to find a new Travel Management Company

5 Signs it’s time to find a new Travel Management Company

While no-one particularly likes parting ways with a supplier, it can be necessary if the partnership is no longer working as it should.

Here are five signs that it might be time to switch your current travel management company for someone new...

#1 They're not embracing new technology

Modern technology is advancing at breakneck speed, so you want your travel management company to be utilising the new travel tech that could make your business travel easier. Online booking and apps that allow you to manage your trip from your smartphone are essential as the world moves from paper to digital, and any tech that will simplify your business travel translates to time and money saved.

#2 They're not delivering on promises

It’s best practice in the business travel industry to have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place setting out the minimum service standard you should receive from your travel management company. Ensure you revisit the SLA regularly to check that your travel management company is hitting its targets and delivering on its promises.

#3 They're not saving you money

Controlling costs is key for any successful business, especially in times of economic uncertainty, so a good travel management company needs to add value by helping to cut business travel costs. At Good Travel Management,  our customers have access to GT Analytics, a tool used to identify ways to save money, improve traveller experience and productivity. If your travel management company can’t offer the same insight, then it might be time to look elsewhere.

#4 You're not getting attention from your account manager

As your direct point of contact, a good relationship with your TMC account manager is essential. If you’re finding that they’re often unavailable, aren’t quick to return your calls or aren’t proactive in suggesting ways to improve your business travel and save money overall, it’s likely that they’re overstretched and not working as hard as they should be for your business.

#5 You’re getting complaints

Whether your business travellers make their own bookings, or you have travel bookers or managers to make the arrangements for them, it’s these front-line users that will let you know if there are issues with the service provided by your TMC. It’s worth asking for regular feedback from your staff regarding their contact with your travel management company, and a good TMC will always look to rectify any issues and tangibly improve their practices as a result.

If you do feel that it’s time to find a new travel management company, take a look at 10 Essential Questions To Ask Your TMC, to ensure that your next partnership is the right one.

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As a proud member of the GTMC, we share with you their video highlighting the importance and value of a Travel Management Company for booking business travel requirements.


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