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6 things for corporate travellers to do on a plane without a laptop or tablet

6 things for corporate travellers to do on a plane without a laptop or tablet

Following the UK and US ban of electronic items such as laptops and tablets larger than a mobile phone (16cm long, 9.3cm wide or 1.5cm deep.) on flights between Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Tunisia last week, concerns were raised and debate was sparked.

For business travellers, the new regulations will mean that flights will become less productive, with travellers often using a laptop on a long haul flight to take off some of the work load pressure expected upon return. Whilst not to mention, keeping the nervous business traveller occupied and not worrying about the flight! It got us thinking, what can the on the go corporate travellers do on a plane without a laptop or tablet?

#1 Read

Kindles and other reading devices are banned if they are not within the sizing restrictions. Here is where the trusty paperback comes back into the fold. Taking time to read can help the busiest corporate traveller relax after or before a hectic trip and may also calm some nervous flyers. Here Time Magazine recommend their Top Ten Airplane Books.

#2 In Flight Entertainment

Make the most of the in flight entertainment if you are lucky to have the luxury. Being immersed in a film or series can help you to keep occupied whilst knocking a couple of hours from a long haul journey.

#3 Puzzle Books and In Flight Games

Remember how much fun we all used to have pre-internet days when flying with a crossword or puzzle book? It's time to bring the Sudoku back! You may become bored of the same thing after a while but it will pass some time on the flight. How about a “Spoken Game” such as Eye - Spy? Just remember, if you start to play “In My Suitcase” with your co flyer that you could use “Laptop or Tablet” as one of the guesses!

#4 Relax

Flying is a great opportunity to relax, why not pack a face mask into your cabin bag and wind down whilst listening to some music to help you drift off. You’ll wake up refreshed and have maybe gained an hour or two’s sleep to help you hit the ground running at your destination.  

#5 Talk to people around you

Converse with the people around you! You never know who you will be sat in the vicinity of on a flight, so make the most of introducing yourself - some of the best networking opportunites for corporate travellers exist on a flight. Whats more is that they have your undying attention and cannot “hang up” on the conversation just make sure that they are open to the conversation first!

#6 Savvy way to work from your mobile

If you have to work, you could maybe use these techy gadgets to help with your productivity:

Collapsible universal keyboard

Some corporate travellers find it hard to not to use a keyboard- i know i do! so this little addition to your bag is essential. You can work from your mobile with the comfort of an attached paired keyboard. PC World reviewed the best collapsible keyboards and will help you in making your purchase if you wish to purchase one. Team up with the use of an app such as Google Keep  to make the transfer from smartphone to larger device much easier.

Smart Notebook

Another option is to purchases a “Smart notebook” for example the Moleskine Smart Notebook, is a notebook which connects to the Creative Cloud letting you instantly turn hand-drawn notes/sketches into fully workable digital files. Just download the Creative Cloud connected Moleskine app from the Apple Store and use it to capture the data written on the pages.

Laptops and tablets will undoubtedly be missed from the average corporate travellers flight to the above destinations but hopefully the above tips will help business travellers pass the time when flying without electronic devices.


Concerns have also been raised that devices kept in the hold may contain trade secrets with sensitive and valuable information that could be copied or stolen, whilst putting data at risk. To combat these fears airlines are bringing new services for corporate travellers, for instance Buying Business Travel has reported that Emirates will be operating a non chargeable “device handling service” between Dubai and the UK from April 2017.

Hopefully the above tips will help you when on your next long haul flight without your gadgets to hand. If you have any tips for coping with the lack of a laptop/tablet on a flight then let us know and comment in the box below…

6 things for corporate travellers to do on a plane without a laptop or tablet

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