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Airport Parking: Which option is the best for your corporate travel needs

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The trip has been prepared, the flights and hotel are booked but you’re left with one last conundrum before you fly; which option is the best option when it comes to Airport Parking? On airport, off airport, prepaid or pay on the day, at a Hotel or a dedicated airport car park?

With numerous options available at the majority of UK airport locations, you may be wondering what solutions are available……...well here we explain the differences to help your decision,  whether you’re looking for convenience or the best value for your corporate travel spend.

#1 Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet offers the luxury of leaving your keys with dedicated personnel who then park your car for you on your behalf. It's a convenient option as there are stands normally located right next to the terminal building, meaning if you are pressed for time you can just drop and go! The car will remain in a secure official car park location at all times and will be waiting for you upon your return, making your journey back to the office or home a breeze. Often a more expensive option but certainly one of the easiest.

#2 Short Stay/Long Stay Official Car Parks

One of the more popular options, short and long stay car parks are located on the airport grounds and usually within walking distance to the terminals. The car stays exactly where you parked it, leaving you with the keys. These cost-effective carparks tend to have high security with CCTV in operation 24 hours a day. The downside is you sometimes need to get onto a transfer bus so do allow more time. It is generally always cheaper to pre-book and prepay this in advance.                                        


#3 Off Airport Car Parks

This option is the most cost-effective out of all,  as these car parks tend to be better on price due to their location. When parking here a bus transfer service ( normally operating every 10 to 15 minutes) take you to the terminal buildings, ready for catching your flight. Manned again by security, this option is a real “All rounder” in terms of the advantages and disadvantages. Be prepared to have to wait on your return…………..these are the most popular with holidaymakers as opposed to business travellers but if you are controlling costs then its the one for you.

Pro Tip: Make a note of the lane and nearest bus stop number you parked in/ near to as these car parks tend to be colossal in size, this will help you when trying to find your vehicle upon your return.

Pro Tip: If you have an early start and are away for a number of days then also consider an airport Hotel that may include parking for the duration of your visit. It can be more cost effective than you think and means you dont have to leave home in the middle of the night.

All the options above are available to book through your business travel consultant and most Travel Management companies will have negotiated reduced rates for airport parking, lounges, airport hotels and more. Why not ask your Travel Management Company next time you book your business trip.

Which method of airport parking do you prefer? Let us know in the box below…

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