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Business Travel Definitions: What are ancillary fees?

Business Travel Definitions: What are ancillary fees?

Ancillary fees are used to charge travellers for additional services over and above the basic price. Standard in low-cost carriers and becoming more popular across all types of travel, ancillary fees include checked baggage, meals and seat allocation when travelling by air and WiFi, parking or breakfast when staying in a hotel.

Why are ancillary products important?

Well, it's all down to the individual company, but here at Good Travel Management, we believe you should be receiving the full package from your chosen business travel provider if you have one on board. A complete end to end service from your chosen business travel agency can alleviate any traveller well-being issues, yield smoother check-in processes and get you to where you need to be on time and within budget.  

If you’re not being asked for ancillary products or unsure if you are receiving the service you deserve from your current Travel Management Company click HERE (for anyone unsure click HERE)  

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