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Business Travel Definitions: What is Content Aggregation?

Business Travel Definitions: What is Content Aggregation?

In business travel, content aggregation is a term used when a supplier (typically a travel management company) accesses content from multiple sources so their clients can book their travel arrangements in one place.

For example, here at Good Travel Management, business travel consultants access content from the Global Distribution System (GDS). Typically, business travel agents use a GDS (a computer platform operated by the business travel agent which enables automated transactions between travel service providers) to obtain rates for low-cost carriers, budget hotels, websites such as and as well as negotiated discounts. They combine all of this content, so it’s easy for clients to compare the options available whether delivered via an offline provision (a business travel consultant) or online (via an online booking tool).

Business travel professionals train for a long period of time to become fully experienced in using these complex systems. A corporate travel agent will use all of this intricate information to enable them to work out the best route and fare type for an upcoming trip, maximising savings on air tickets or hotel rooms.

Ultimately it's down to the organisations business mix if they are to use online or offline methods but for more complex bookings the human touch and know-how still wins hands down!

Global Distribution System travel management company

Each and every flight shown on the GDS is broken down into “classes” represented by a letter (EG: within each Economy cabin there are a range of letters representing each fare type from Y full fare to X lowest available fare) The booking class determines the price and booking conditions of the fare.

GDS systems enable corporate travel consultants to book flights quickly and efficiently (much faster than internet sites) using content aggregation to create a range of flight combinations, to ensure the best fare is found for every journey a functionality simply not possible using the internet.

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