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Business Travel Definitions - What is unmanaged travel?

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Unmanaged travel describes the approach to business travel by organisations who book and manage their corporate travel requirements internally rather than using a professional travel management company to do this for them.

Most companies take this approach in the beginning when their business travel expenditure is relatively small, however, once spend has increased, it can become difficult to manage effectively without the expertise of a business travel agency.

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Many smaller companies, have no travel policies in place and operate an ad-hoc system which relies on employees finding the best prices they can for themselves. In this case, the data available is likely to be corporate credit card spend and expense claims, and it often requires significant effort to extract the relevant travel figures from those sources. (HERE are some key metrics to consider when analysing your business travel costs)

The need to review travel spend in this ever-changing climate is also another element companies without a Travel Management Company in place will need to look into at one stage or another. But how do you reduce costs whilst maintaining quality, without impacting on traveller wellbeing?

Maybe the time has come for you to outsource your business travel requirements to a travel management company, how do you ensure it goes to plan?  With over 120 years of business travel experience up our sleeve, we’ve worked with hundreds of customers as they’ve moved from booking business travel themselves to a professionally managed service, so it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about making sure it goes well ( Here we have 5 top tips to help keep your implementation on track from day one)

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