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CITYGUIDE: A business travellers Bleisure Guide to Mexico City

CITYGUIDE: A business travellers Bleisure Guide to Mexico City

Mexico City, one of the Top 10 Business Travel Destinations for 2018, is seen as one of the top places to conduct business.

One of the most populous cities in North America, Mexico City is one of the most important economic hubs in Latin America.

Top Industries:  Food and Beverage, tobacco, chemicals, iron and steel, petroleum, clothing, motor vehicles and consumer goods.

Mexico City Airport is Mexico's and Latin America's busiest airport by passenger traffic and aircraft movements, named 26th within the Top 50 Airports in the world. More than 100,000 passengers pass through the airport a day from more than 100 destinations on four continents.Business travellers can expect a fantastic range of hotels, restaurants and sights in Mexico City not to mention an abundance of fantastic weather. In this guide, we provide corporate travellers with all the information they will need when spending time travelling for business as well as some of our favourite places we have visited, weather forecasts, transport links, what to see, where to eat and much more…

Travelling to Mexico City

It’s always good to check what VISA requirements need to be in place prior to booking travel. If using a Travel Management Company, they will be able to guide you on this. For Mexico City (at the time of writing) the website states that there is a 180-day visa-free period, with an immigration card also needed. You can get one either when you arrive (forms are available at border crossings or on-board flights to Mexico) or online in advance from the National Institute of Immigration website.

Transport Links:

Mexico City has an extensive public transportation network. It’s a fast and cheap way to get around once you get the hang of it and the transport system of Mexico City satisfies the needs of both tourists and Business Travellers alike.


App-based transportation services Uber operates in Mexico City so you can arrange a ride via your smartphone, just as you would do in any major UK city.


The bus and metro system run throughout the city and are a great way to get around. Buses are a convenient and inexpensive way to soak in the city operating till midnight daily.

Bus rides are charged at a flat rate of 6 pesos, which must be paid for in advance by tapping a smart card at the barrier (like an Oyster card). There are machines where you can buy or top-up a card at every station (please note, these are cash only)

The Metro network map is relatively simple, and the stations are well-signposted. Be aware there are no announcements on the train or on the platforms, so keeping track of where you want to get off is essential.

Fares: Fares are cash only and cost 5 pesos, paper tickets can be purchased at the ticket booth inside the station or via a smart card (tarjeta) for 10 pesos.


Where to stay:

With a wide array of hotels available to bed down for the night Mexico City is perfect for business travellers with a low or high budget.

TripAdvisor has a comprehensive list of hotels best for business travellers along with the top 10 budget hotels for the more budget conscious business traveller.

Top things to see and do:

Whether you're spending free time in between meetings or adding on some “Bleisure” time to the end of your stay, a trip to Mexico City isn't complete without a visit to the following areas.

Templo Mayor Museum

Templo Mayor is an Aztec archaeological site and museum located in the heart of Mexico City, featuring a stunning collection of Aztec artefacts, a cultural must-see for business travellers.

Bosque de Chapultepec

The Bosque de Chapultepec is one of the largest city parks in the Western Hemisphere, measuring in total just over 686 hectares. Home to museums, an internationally renowned zoo, various monuments and fountains. There are plenty of green garden areas home to an array of flora and fauna and is a perfect spot for taken time to yourself in between stressful and complex business meetings.

Frida Kahlo Museum “The Blue House”

The Frida Kahlo Museum is a historic house/art museum dedicated to the life and work of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Its known as the “Blue House” as the structure has cobalt-blue walls and is one of the most popular Museums in Mexico’s capital.

La Ciudadela

Shop till you drop down this beautiful traditional market which specialises in the sale of Mexican handcrafts and folk art. It is home to over 350 vendors and is located I the south west part of the city centre.

Where to eat:

When it comes to food, Mexico City does not disappoint! It’s a sprawling food paradise featuring an array of restaurants serving traditional and new age cuisine, here we list some of our favourites:

#1 Pujol

Pujol was named by Wall Street Journal as the best in Mexico City and No 13 in the World’s Best Restaurants.  Ran by celebrity chef Enrique Olvera and his team it’s a Mexican restaurant serving Mexican food in gastronomical proportions. Reservations can be made through OpenTable.

#2 Contramar

Contramar is a fresh seafood lunch/late lunch restaurant serving beautiful dishes until 6:30pm. Described as “essential dining” by critics if you love dishes straight from the sea then dining here is a must!

#3 Qunitonil

Quintonil is on the list of the 50 Best World's Restaurants, where it currently ranks 24th worldwide and 9th in the Latin America's 50 Best World's Restaurants. Food here is traditional Mexican, under a personal look and can be booked HERE through their website.

#4 Dalis

For something a little different to Mexican fayre, only 10 minutes’ walk away from the main cathedral, Dali’s serves Italian dishes including delicious Neapolitan style pizzas at reasonable prices.

Mexico City Best Practice

It can be difficult adjusting to a new culture when travelling for business. The GOV.UK website has some really useful information on best practice when visiting Mexico City from various laws and customs to health, terrorism and everything in between, it's essential to be prepared before you travel.

Do you have any tips for travelling to Mexico City? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Just leave us a comment in the box below...

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