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Corporate Travel Hack: 6 tips to ensure a comfortable flight.

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I’ve had the pleasure of being able to travel to most continents around the world, be it by plane, train, ferry, bus or road. Throughout my travels, I've shared experiences with a whole variety of passengers enroute to my destination. Having personally travelled on many overnight and long distance flights here are my tips for ensuring a smooth flight...

#1  Make Airport Security a Breeze.

Being prepared for the airport scanning process ensures you are ready to get through the screening as quickly and well planned as possible. I step up the task by removing items from my person such as coins, watch, belt, laptop case, and coat whilst separating any liquids from my hand luggage before I reach the conveyor in due time. Once my items have been scanned, I can simply collect my belongings and head onwards.

#2 Boarding at the gate.

The likelihood is, being a regular business traveller, you have already reserved your seat when you booked your flight, or, worst case scenario you`ve secured your seat at check in. My recommendation would be to book your seat in advance especially when you know you'll need a connecting flight, plan ahead and reserve your seat early so you can get a seat near the exit allowing you to depart the plane as quickly as you can.

#3  Minimising the overhead space

In a time where fees are charged for checked bags and with the increase of passenger numbers, carry-on space is in demand on most flights. To accommodate room in the overhead compartment for other travellers in a similar position as yourself, place your bag vertically rather than horizontally whilst popping your second bag under your feet optimising the space around you for your items.

#4 Onboard Conversation

With the “electronics ban” in full force you may be wondering what to do on your flight without your tablet or laptop. You'll meet fascinating and new people when flying the skies, you may even make a new business contact up in the air! Engage in conversation with the people around you, some of the people around you may be lone travellers and will welcome a conversation to brighten up their day!

#5  Stretch those legs!

Make sure you get up from your seat and stretch your legs! Go and have a chat down the aisle to any colleagues or friends who are are allocated in other areas of the plane. You will feel better and ultimately prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). British Airways are heavily involved with travel health and even have a set of relaxation exercises you can conduct in the air to ensure you have a healthy travelling experience.

#6  In economy, bring the right equipment for a good sleep!

Space can be limited in economy, keeping that in mind I always bring a travel pillow onboard with me, just so I can sleep without running the risk of waking up a stiff neck. I always make sure I carry earplugs with me to ensure an extra peaceful slumber.

Hopefully you found the above useful when planning your next corporate travel journey. If you have any more tips you would like to share, we would love to hear them just comment in the box below.  

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