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Corporate Travel Hack: Top tips for keeping prepared whilst travelling in the winter

Corporate Travel Hack: Top tips for keeping prepared whilst travelling in the the winter

Any seasoned global business traveller knows that no two trips are the same. One minute you are faced with the baking hot Arabian Heat in Dubai, the next freezing cold temperatures in Russia. In the winter, business travel becomes especially difficult, from cancellations on public service routes, to storms affecting your flight, unexpected factors will upheave your plans at some point in time.

For the past two Christmases, one in five flights (20 percent) leaving Manchester Airport has been delayed by more than half an hour, with 17 percent of services out of Gatwick suffering the same fate according to research conducted by Kayak. The average number of festive flights delayed across the UK is 12 percent, with the average delay lasting just over an hour - compared to 10 percent for the rest of the year.

The winter months are undoubtedly the hardest so here we have provided some top tips for keeping prepared whilst travelling in the winter…

#1 Pack like a pro

When travelling to colder climates in the winter time, it's essential to pack accordingly. Layers are especially important, but try to plan for any additional items you may need if you experience a delay. Items such as extra prescribed medications (with a signed doctor's letter depending on the country you are flying to as some medications may be prohibited), charging points for devices, and a spare pair of clothes can be handy too.


#2 Prepare for delays

There’s a much greater probability of being faced with a lengthy delay whilst travelling during the winter, so why not book an Airport Lounge? Whether booked through your corporate travel agency or not, Airport lounges can be an area of solace for bogged down business travellers and a good way to maximise productivity or rest during a delay.(click here for 4 reasons why airport lounges are perfect for the modern business traveller)


#3 Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you

Staying up to date with the local weather reports before you fly as well as keeping in check of the weather upon arrival to a new destination is paramount. Downloading a weather app (BBC Weather or Accuweather have some great apps) to your mobile device will help you stay in the loop whilst on the go, so plan accordingly and leave in good time to hopefully minimise any delays.  


#4 Plan an alternative route

Experienced road warriors know that where there are harsh wintry conditions, congestion, rail delays and cancelled flights will follow. This is why having a good Travel Management Company (TMC) on board is key to your business trip going ahead smoothly. If such instance arises, business travel agents will work on your behalf to find an alternative route or way of travelling to your destination. A good business travel management company will also provide you with real-time travel alerts, making sure you are up-to-date with any delays or changes which may affect your travel plans.

Do you have any other tips which may help a business traveller whilst travelling in the winter? If so, we’d love to hear from you, just leave a comment in the box below...

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