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Does your business need a travel management company?

Do you need a travel management company?

In today’s day and age, booking travel is easy, isn’t it? That’s why so many of us choose to book our own holidays using the Internet instead of popping down to the high street. But despite being easily accessible, booking travel can still be a time-consuming process and that’s the same for many UK businesses.

If your employees regularly travel on business, how do you currently control what they spend? And, do you always know where your employees are so you can minimise any risks to their safety? If you already use a travel management company or business travel agency, you probably have this covered, but if not, here are 5 reasons why your business should consider using one...

# 1 - You’ll save time…

Business travel consultants have heaps of travel knowledge to share with their clients and they can often come up with more and better options than a website can give to you in a much faster timeframe. Rather than spending hours researching your next trip, consider handing it over to an expert and let them come back to you with the best options once they’ve done the hard work for you.

# 2 - You’ll save money…

As well as significant time savings achieved by outsourcing travel bookings, you’ll also have support to make sure you’re spending your travel budget wisely. Leveraging a travel management company’s supplier relationships and buying power will help secure discounts you’d never be able to get on your own, and they’ll analyse your business travel spend to make sure you’re getting value for money.

# 3 - You’ll minimise your expense claims

Having to manage reconciliations and expense claims can be timely, whilst keeping track of supplier payments can often become confusing. Centralising all payments through a travel management company will reduce expense claims and simplify your payment process.

# 4 - You’ll improve your duty of care

If you need to find your traveller fast, how will you do this when you don’t know where they have made their booking? A travel management company will track your travellers for you, so if an emergency happens they’ll be able to make contact and support them within minutes. They’ll also have vital experience in handling crisis situations which is crucial when you’re urgently trying to get a traveller home. When a company is responsible for the welfare of its employees travelling on business, a travel management company will give you peace of mind that your travellers have the support they need 24/7.

# 5 - You’ll be able to enforce your Travel Policy

If your staff are booking however they choose, how do you know they’re complying with your Travel Policy and how do you know they’re booking a cost effective option. A business travel agency will enforce your Travel Policy your behalf and provide reports on compliance and exceptions so you can see how your business is performing. They’ll make sure you’re booking the most cost effective options too, whether it’s a specially negotiated discount or the cheapest option on the Internet.

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