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Good Travel Management Business Update December 2020

Pictured: Members of Good Travel Management and the JGG team Christmas 2019 

Dear customers, suppliers, and partners.

It is customary at this time of year for us to communicate a business review to keep everyone updated on activity taking place within our business, the wider industry, and the outlook for the forthcoming year. Well, that proves a bit more difficult this year for sure!! It has certainly been challenging to say the least and I am sure many in the corporate travel sector will just be relieved at reaching the end of the year. Whilst it has been a most turbulent and difficult year, as we have navigated our way through each challenge, our resolve never faltered that we were more relevant than ever, and that gives us considerable confidence as we look to 2021.

Within Good Travel Management we have consolidated our operations from our head office hub in Hessle near Hull, blended with home working to ensure we have a slick and streamlined operation ready for 2021. Throughout the whole of 2020 we maintained a full service to all clients, whether that be operational, technology, account management and importantly we continued to create and share some excellent resources and support for our customers as they look ahead at the complexities of a return to travelling.

For some industry sectors, travel continued throughout the lockdown. The offshore and marine sectors, construction, manufacturing, and mining to name but a few and those who have been working with us will, I am sure, profess how different an experience it is now arranging travel, with so much more to consider and plan. We have listened and taken a lot of this on board, spent considerable time training our teams and adjusting our technology to ensure we are with you every step of the way. One thing we heard loud and clear was that you wanted a personal and supportive travel management service and did not want to be lost in anything anonymous or fixed to using online platforms. Whilst we have excellent online booking technologies, we understood that a knowledgeable and friendly voice was often the number one priority.

We have seen a big shift towards seeing our expertise being ever more vital and our account managers and relationship managers have been hard at work with many clients planning their safe return to travelling at a time that is suitable for them. From travel policy reviews, traveller health checks and tracking, reviewing budgets through to ensuring all travellers could share their feedback and best practice has been part of the consultancy services we provide.

The Business Travel Industry is a close-knit community and is sometimes lost behind the headlines of the holiday and leisure travel sector, however, we are the engine that backs thousands of businesses both large and small in trading internationally. Our industry body, The Business Travel Association (BTA), led by CEO Clive Wratten has worked tirelessly to lobby Government for the right environment and infrastructure to enable a safe travelling environment as well as supporting the impact on our specific sector. Travel Corridors have not been the answer, we need safe and immediate airport testing and the ability for vital travel to be undertaken safely. For some businesses they cannot survive without the movement of people, so we welcome the more recent developments to improve or reduce quarantine rules alongside the huge strides being made for a vaccination programme.

So what do we expect in 2021? It is a tough one to give clarity to, but in another way its also quite straight forward. Travelling for business will continue, and we are seeing evidence of that now. Listening to our customers as well as our awareness of the market, we see a number of priorities for 2021 including:

1. Travel Safety and Well-Being – from pre-travel support, traveller tracking and full start to finish guidance

2. Flexibility in travel booking and pricing – there are a myriad of options available

3. Support with creating and reviewing travel policies and having emergency arrangements in place

4. Having a strong consultative approach to help navigate the complex requirements of travelling overseas

5. Balancing cost versus value and safety – travelling less but travelling well in the short to medium term

You can read more about all the above in our blog series or access downloadable resources to help support you, whether you are already a customer of Good Travel Management or are looking to work with a travel management company in the future.

During 2020 we have been working hard on some new plans that will both strengthen and grow our customer offering and global reach. The first is that we will be becoming a partner in the global travel group, Altour, owned by the Travel Leaders Group. This move will make some significant improvements to our buying power and air fares, particularly for clients working in the US markets, and a host of other services. Furthermore, there will be some new developments for clients working in the Marine and Offshore sector and lots more. We will be updating you all fully in the New Year but its good news for both our customers and our teams who will have ‘best of class’ air fare content and technology at their fingertips.

Equally, before all this can happen, we have another big question mark hanging over us with Brexit. Despite some certainties for travelling, whatever the outcome, the Covid-19 complications mean that at the time of writing we have no assurance what travel corridors will be in place.

CLICK HERE to download your FREE Business Travellers Guide to Brexit

Confusing? It sure is. But whatever route forward we take, one thing is sure, people will want to and need to travel, for business or for pleasure. As we enter a couple of weeks when we can draw breath, take stock, enjoy maybe a quieter Christmas and New Year than usual, lets get ourselves set for what 2021 will bring. On behalf of us all here at Good Travel Management and the wider John Good Group, we wish you all a safe and happy Christmas and look forward to working with you in 2021.

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