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HELP! Which Air Fare is best when booking business travel requirements?

HELP! Which Air Fare is best when booking business travel requirements?

The majority of airlines now have such a wide array of air fare types, with airlines now taking on board the low-cost carrier concept of fares such as hand baggage only, checked baggage fares, fares including seats and many more, but how do you know what is best for a business traveller? Fares can become confusing for even the most seasoned traveller, especially if you do not have a Travel Management Company on hand to assist and guide you through the right choices as it’s not always about the lowest fare.

Deciding which fare offers the best value for your needs whilst being cost effective and within travel policy guidelines can be complex, with travel bookers/ corporate travellers seeing an attractive cheap fare and then later on becoming stung by hidden extras needed to be added on. These added extras, such as checked baggage or seat reservations mean the original cheaper fare becomes more expensive in the long run. In some cases when the cheapest fare is booked, it is often non-changeable/non-refundable, meaning if your plans are due to change then you may have to rebook a brand new ticket and lose the full amount of what originally seemed to be a bargain.

To give you some help, we have put together a table of some of the different fare types to assist corporate travellers and travel bookers alike when deciding which Air Fare is most suitable for business travel requirements:

Air Fare Type 1 – This will be your cheapest Economy fare and will only include carry-on baggage (you may need help when packing light) particularly great for a day trip or short stay. The cheapest fare is generally non changeable and non-refundable but can vary dependent on the airline. If you know your plans may be subject to change, this Air Fare is not going to be the best option for you.

Air Fare Type 2 – This is the Economy fare which includes checked baggage, reserved seating and the given option to change for a fee. This Air Fare is still non-refundable, but great for corporate travellers who are away on business for a few days, or for passengers who may need to change their tickets.

Air Fare Type 3 – This is the most flexible Economy fare available and comes at a higher price. This fare includes checked baggage, reserved seating, added extras such as meals on board. These tend to be free of charge for changes (as long as the same booking class is available) and are refundable for a fee. This is an ideal fare for the business traveller whose plans can change last minute or may even be cancelled at the final moments.

Air Fare Type 4 – The Business class fare includes all of the below with an increased luggage allowance and also free cancellations. This fare is ideal for the business traveller who enjoys value added extras/touches but may also need a larger luggage allowance. This fare tends to come with the flexibility to change or cancel without a penalty.

Airfare Blog Table.png

**The above is an example table -  airline to airline this can vary**

So there you have it! I hope the above has helped debunk the different types of Air Fares available to corporate travellers and will assist when booking your next business trip.


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