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Hotel Loyalty Schemes - How can they benefit your business travel programme?

Hotel Loyalty Schemes - How can they benefit your business travel programme?

Business men and women who travel frequently will often revert to using the same choice of Hotels when booking for their next trip, whether that be with their travel management company (TMC) or booking for themselves.This is down to two reasons - convenience and preference.

But what if making the same choice of Hotels could not only provide well-being for your traveller but also save money and generate perks in the long run.. Hotel loyalty programmes work similarly to the corporate rewards schemes offered by airlines and are totally free. So how can Hotel Loyalty Schemes benefit your business travel programme?

A typical situation would be a client wishing to book a stay with their usual hotel. Once the business travel agent has become aware of the client's preferences the suggestion would be made to the company to sign up for the reward scheme associated with their preferred supplier.The points accrue over time,with the option of points being used to book future room nights, helpful in the following situation:

A business with a high number of regular travellers (25-50) who travel frequently, could effectively (once the points have accrued) have 1 - 2 nights per week over a year that they in effect do not have to pay for.

An example of this could be a client who stays every week at the Holiday Inn,  meaning the guest stayed for 52 weeks,  (with an average one night rate of £81), amounting to £4212.00 per annum saving.

There are a number of hotel loyalty schemes available from a wide range of hotels including:

A good travel management company will also provide a dedicated account manager, who will manage supplier relationships, by securing further discounts and adding value to the client's business travel policy.  An account manager will also supply management information providing valuable insight into your business travel activity, letting you know how much you have spent with which suppliers and why.

Find out how Good Travel Management helped Arvato create a robust hotel programme which not only included negotiating exclusive discounted rates at 15 properties, but secured added value benefits such as meals, WiFi, car parking and discounts on local purchases by reading our case study.


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