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How easy is it to communicate with your Travel Management Company?

How easy is it to communicate with your Travel Management Company

In today’s fast paced worldand as technology becomes ever more integrated into our daily lives it seems there are always new and innovative ways for us to communicate with each other.  

Easy Communication is one of the main objectives a Travel Management Company (TMC) must achieve for it to offer an efficient way for a company to book their corporate travel 

In short ….it must be a seamless and hassle-free experience. 

But not every booker has the same preferred method of communication and so TMC’s are having to embrace new ways of communicating with their clients to stay relevant in today’s ever-changing times.  

The tried and trusted method of getting In touch with your travel management company is either a phone call or email to the booking team, and whilst there are a variety of new ways which you could reach them by, some may argue nothing can beat good old-fashioned human interaction.  

But this method does come with some caveats for it to be effective  firstly the turnaround times offered by your Travel Provider, and just as importantly… your trust in them 

You should be able to trust that once you have called or emailed with your request you will get the most relevant options back in an acceptable time-frame; enabling you to carry on with your other work duties whilst your TMC does the hard work researching your trip for you.  

The second requirement for this method to be effective is your offline booking team providing expert advice which you may not have thought about yourself – this is especially true for long haul trip requests where there are many more variables and clever ways of putting itineraries together to either improve the quality of the travellers journey or the cost of the trip.  

The other main way of communicating with a TMC to make bookings is an Online Booking Tool (OBT) – this can be a favourite method for seasoned road warriors who are booking ‘point to point’ short haul trips, know exactly what they are looking for and are happy to cut out the human interaction, but as we are all getting more used to booking our own travel through the internet, OBT’s are now becoming a staple requirement for companies looking to either take on a TMC for the first time or switch providers.  

There are also new ways TMC’s are starting to communicate with their clients, such as ‘live chat’ features on their website (something we here at Good Travel Management have recently implemented). By seamlessly combining time saving technology with human interaction, this can offer the best of both worlds for those wishing for a quick communication without sacrificing the expert advice offered by the offline booking team. 

But whilst we mainly think about how to communicate with a TMC, another big consideration is how easily a TMC can communicate with the travellers they look after in case of an emergency. As discussed in a previous blog, Duty of Care compliance is now one of the main things companies are considering when choosing a TMC, so you have to be sure if the worst does happen when one of your employees is away, your travel provider can easily make contact to check they are OK and plan the best way to get them home safe.  

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A good travel management company will be able to achieve this through some form of a ‘traveller safety app’ where they can not only can you pin point the exact location of a traveller, but also offer a variety of communication methods such as email or SMS depending on what form of signal is available at the travellers location. 

As we move into a new decade, TMC’s now have the task of offering all the above methods of communication into a consolidated service offering, catering to each of their bookers and travellers’ specific preferences whilst still retaining a personable service and offering the expert advice their customers rely on.  

Do you have a preferred method of communication when dealing with your travel providerLeave your comment in the box below…. 

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