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How to get the most out of working from home.

How to get the most out of working from home.Covid-19 has many businesses rapidly introducing new or increased working from home policies to minimise the risk and promote the health of their employees/workforce. 

If you are one of the many who are having to work from home, here's how you can make what may be a lonely environment a little haven whilst still being able to feel connected to your work colleagues.  

#1 Get out into the Great Outdoors 

Leaving the house (whilst we are still permitted to do so) is a great way of eliminating the cabin fever feeling. Headspace (daily meditation app) has a section within it's libraries called "Walking in Nature" which helps to centralise thoughts and feelings at worrying times like these, just remember to keep to the recommended distance between other members of public. 

#2 Raise the noise level 

If you find that you're used to a busy and noisy office environment, perhaps turning the radio up in the background and listening to some music may help drown out the silence. Not only has music been known to increase productivity, but it is also known for lifting the mood. 

#3 Stay Connected 

Much like travelling for business, working from home can be a lonely place. That's why it's essential to make time to keep in contact with your colleagues, whether that be via an application such as Microsoft Teams, Telephone conference call, webinar or via email.  Staying connected helps you to keep in the loop with your colleagues and catch up from not only a professional perspective, but a personal one too - helping to boost morale in isolating times. 

Here at Good Travel Management, our teams proactively meet with each other using Microsoft Teams to ensure we stay connected with one another, a practice which will become even more essential during the COVID-19 isolation measures.   

#4 Be organised & set self-imposed deadlines

Being organised and having and "at home" task list of jobs/projects which you can complete whilst working from home is a great way of staying coordinated. You are working from home, so do try to avoid continuing to binge-watch the rest of the series you started the night prior within works time. Instead, reward yourself once you've completed a couple of tasks by enjoying a 5/10 minute tea break from your screen. 

#5 Switch Off 

It's imperative that you ensure that you take time to switch off. If your working hours are fixed do try and refrain from exceeding these hours. It can be easy for the lines between work and downtime to become blurred, so it's essential for your own well being to step away from your work when you are finished for the day to enjoy some "me-time". 

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