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How to make corporate travel less stressful

How to make corporate travel less stressful

Let's face it, travelling for business can be stressful, and while that’s nothing new, many businesses today are becoming much more aware of how corporate travel related stress can affect their employees. While some think going here, there and everywhere is a glamorous lifestyle, ultimately business travellers are travelling to work, have meetings to prepare for and work to do throughout their trip. So how can people go about making their life a little less stressful when they’re a frequent traveller? Here are five tips to make your next business trip a success.


#1 Book all travel in advance

Make sure your flights, hotels and any travel extras or ancillary services such as baggage, seats and meals are all booked in advance (the further ahead of travel the better). Leaving travel bookings until the last minute and trying to book your perfect travel options while tying up all the loose ends before your trip can lead to hassle you just don’t need, it’s also likely to mean less choice and be more expensive for your employer too.

Once booked, make sure you have your itineraries and booking confirmations with you in a convenient place. Travel apps and emails stored on your smartphone are ideal, but it’s always wise to have a paper copy just in case your battery runs out unexpectedly.

#2 Prepare

Try to prepare for your trip ahead of time by making a checklist of items you may need for your trip including any business materials. Having everything “set up” on your laptop like presentations and slide shares can be a great time saver (backup paper copies can be a life saver too if you have unforeseen technical difficulties!). Always enquire to see if the company you are visiting can provide you with internet access and ensure the hotel booked for the trip can provide WIFI too, this way you can keep on top of work while you are away to minimise any buildup of work to tackle upon your return.

It’s also wise to subscribe to travel alerts which all good travel management companies offer to ensure you’re up to date on any events or changes that may affect your trip.


#3 Pack your suitcase wisely

This may sound a little trivial; however, lots of travellers don’t exactly plan how to pack their bag, yet giving it a little thought can make a big difference to stress levels, especially when it means you save time when you’re rushing to a meeting. Let’s say you have a meeting shortly after arriving at your destination, how much easier would it be if everything you needed was ready at the top of your suitcase? Making sure your laptop and other devices are charged before you travel means you won’t run out of battery at a crucial moment too. Personal items are best kept in your carry bag so you can freshen up on board, or at the airport, so you’re ready to meet people straight away. For more detailed tips on achieving the perfectly packed business travel bag, check out this post.


#4 Beat jet lag

Jet lag is one of those things you can’t avoid if you travel internationally, but there are some things you can do to help get over it quickly. Some of the travellers we’ve spoken to find the best way to beat jet lag is to rest well on the plane, try to get as much sleep as you normally would in 24 hours when you’re at home. Remember to stay hydrated and eat well when you fly and try your best to avoid alcohol and caffeine as they can exasperate the symptoms of jet lag.


#5 Value your health

Your trip may be important, but your health and wellbeing as a business traveller should always be top priority and should always be considdered within your Travel Policy. Try to sleep well when you can, eat healthily and exercise regularly if time allows (booking a hotel you know will have access to the gym/pool will come in handy!). And always remember to check if there are any recommended vaccinations for the area you’re travelling to, a professional Travel Management Company will advise you of any precautions you need at the time of booking.

Following these tips should help you to feel more relaxed and refreshed on your next business trip, which is crucial to make it as successful as possible. What do you do to make your business travel experience less stressful? We’d love to hear from you, leave a comment in the box below.

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