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Danielle gets Tough and Muddy for PAUL 4 Brain Recovery

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Marketing Coordinator Danielle completed Tough Mudder in the name of a family friend and local Hull Charity.

Here she gives her account of the day, and the reasons behind the challenge:

Finding out a family friend had passed away at the age of 32 in a tragic accident this summer shook both mine, and my brother's worlds.  Glynn was an amazing guy with a thirst for life and a passion for exercise, especially Tough Mudder competitions, to which he had signed up for the Full September North West event. 

The Storey family and friends decided to complete the challenge in his memory for a charity he supported which was PAUL for Brain Recovery. My brother joined to "Team Glynn" at the start and I trained alongside with them with no intention of competing myself - just for moral support. But low and behold 2 days before the event someone had tendonitis and couldn't compete anymore, to which the ticket was transferred to my name. I had 2 days to prepare myself for what was to come... 

I didn't realise what was ahead of me and youtubing the course didn't help the nerves at all. 10-12 miles and 20+ obstacles including "Arctic Enema" a drop into  40 Tons of Ice, "Birth Canal" an enclosed space crawling through mud with many litres of water overhead in a sagging sheeth of plastic weighing you down leaving little room to move, plus many many many more! 

15 of us did it together and  there were some injuries,  one member of the group had mud impacted into her ear causing her to become dizzy and sick - a quick visit to the medic meant we carried on and the motto of the day being "We're not giving up, we're not giving in and we're doing this for Glynn!" was printed on our T-Shirts. The next injury was, unfortunately, mine! 3 miles to the end I trampled over a rock the wrong way hurting my ankle but I wasn't giving up, celebrating the pain by carrying a log for a half a mile and continuing to the last few obstacles. At the end, I realised it wasn't just my ankle that was hurt but the skin from the back of my foot had come off right down to the red flesh (taking my trainers off was horrific as the blood seeped down from my sock.)

Exhausted, battered and bruised we all made our way to the finish as one group together. Team Glynn smashed it and I couldn't be prouder of each and every one of them. Resilience, strength, Glynns memory and the thought of a nice gin and tonic or ice cold cider waiting at the finish line was all we needed to pull us through the final mile ( I didn't get that Gin as I was took away to be warmed up straight away).

An experience I will honestly never forget, It was tough, It was muddy, it was cold and it was painful, but we did it for Glynn and I'd like to think he watched down on us raising a glass to our efforts! 

The total raised to date is £5497 with the John Good Group (GTM parent company) charity The Matthew Good Foundation donating £680! this means the total to date is now a whopping £6177!!

The just giving page is still active if anyone would like to kindly donate, you can find it by clicking here

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