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Good Travel Management Client Survey 2018 - The Results

SURVEY 2018 longThrough our membership of the Uniglobe buying consortium, we conduct an annual survey of our customers to find out how they feel about our business and the quality of the support we provide to them.

Results are then collated nationally and globally across all Uniglobe member agencies.  For the third year running, we are incredibly proud to report that our overall customer survey results were again extremely positive. 

Here are the key results from the survey: 

  • 97% of our clients recommended our services are Very Good/Excellent (Net Promoter Score)
  • 90% of our customers feel Good Travel Management offered full booking support
  • 91% of our clients appreciate Good Travel Management's commitment to the provision and storage of accurate/important documentation.
  • 90% of our clients rate their Account Managers highly for input and support
  • 99% Percent of our clients feel they would recommend our services to others
  • 97% of our clients feel that they consistently receive positive customer service from their business travel consultants.
  • 87% of our clients feel “Good Travel Management keep them highly informed when unexpected travel disruptions occurred.  
  • 99% of our clients feel “Good Travel Management Deliver Fast Accurate responses to their requests”
  • 97% of our clients feel their feedback is taken on board and worked on in a timely manner
  • 99% of our clients felt that their business travel consultant was professional and knowledgeable.
  • 92% of our clients rate the Online Booking Tools we provide as Very Good/Excellent  
  • 97% of our clients felt Good Travel Management’s consultants offered a range of options and alternatives relevant to their requirements.

As you can see from these results, our clients across all of the locations continue to value the excellent support our teams provide to them on a daily basis.  For our industry, these results are exceptional and demonstrate the quality of our people and their commitment to our values by providing a service that we are proud of.

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