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Key Workers and Logistics

Dear Customer and Business Partners,

As we begin another week, we wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the valuable work our sister company John Good Logistics and ourselves are delivering to directly assist the battle against COVID-19.

Firstly, here at Good Travel Management, our workforce are assisting some of our customers in both the private and public sector who continue to be active in the UK Market and need travel and accommodation for employees working on projects for the NHS and Government or essential services. We are working closely with hotel groups to be aware of which properties remain open for key worker staff, so that we can proactively share this information with our clients who still need lodgings for key worker activity. This follows our work when we anticipated the impact the virus would have on our travellers so we pro-actively started contacting them, early, to make changes to their plans well ahead of peak time.

Likewise, our sister companies at John Good Logistics have helped customers meet tight deadlines and secure solutions to move urgent shipments of both Personal protective equipment (PPE) and general hospital equipment. The work has helped a health provider urgently bring in over 2000 hospital beds which will be supplied direct to the NHS for installation in pop up hospitals around the country.  The equipment has been imported from China by rail freight via Germany and Holland. Our teams have also assisted in sourcing the shipments of medical grade masks destined for Italy, Germany and Portugal. With further orders in production following the expertise, support and guidance offered by our Air Freight team who have been invaluable in terms of navigating an ever changing landscape with huge demand on available space & capacity. 

In our corporate travel teams, we are working collaboratively with client partners to use this time effectively to future proof their travel programmes, for when life returns to normal. This time has allowed our Account Management team to provide Travel Policy advice to clients enabling them to review and audit their current processes. Likewise, some of our clients are working with our Operations team to do housekeeping exercises with the aim of updating traveller profiles, online booking processes and ensuring all key traveller information such as passport details, frequent flyer cards are up to date and ready for when international business travel is fully up and running.

Lastly, we once again would like to thank you all for the support we receive from our customers, partners and suppliers. We hope everyone emerges as strong as possible and ready to meet the challenges ahead.

Kind Regards                   

Andy Sison

About Andrew Sison

Andy is our Strategic Account Manager and works with a number of high profile businesses to manage their business travel more effectively. Andy’s track record is enviable and he works hard to deliver savings, add value, help companies consolidate their travel programmes and manage change.
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