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Updated Rail Timetable to commence in Hull 16th December 2019

Hull Trains

From 16th December 2019 a new Rail Timetable comes into play and for the majority of the day, a clockface timetable of departures will come into being including a new service operated by Northern Rail to Halifax.

Please find below times (Weekdays, each hour from 0600 to 2100hrs)

Westbound departures.

XX05  To Manchester, calling at six stations en-route, such as Leeds and Huddersfield to name but two, (this is a major time change as currently they are at xx40 each hour)

XX15  To Halifax, via Leeds and Bradford (new service)

XX25  To Sheffield , fast service only calling at Brough, Goole, Doncaster and Meadowhall.

XX50  To York (this is also a major time change as currently they are at XX10 each hour)

XX53  To Sheffield, stopping service calling at all stations.

These are the services to and from London, operated by LNER and Hull Trains, leaving Hull at the following times:

0626       Hull Trains

0700       LNER

0824       Hull Trains

1033       Hull Trains

1233     Hull Trains

1508     Hull  Trains

1708     Hull Trains

1908       Hull Trains

The 0626 and 0824  services, start in Beverley, calling in at Cottingham, before going on at the times shown.

The LNER service is already using the new Azuma trains, and within the next two/three months it is expected that Hull Trains will have their new fleet of what they are calling  “Paragon Trains”  in service, placing names of famous people from the local area along with recognisable places from around Hull.

Northbound departures

On the Branch line to Scarborough, it is generally XX00 to Bridlington and XX21 each hour.

There are extra services at peak times as well, to and from Beverley and Bridlington.

For more information on the above or for further travel information please speak with your Business Travel Consultant. 

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