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Post Trip “Duvet Days” a growing trend, or a duty of care requirement?

Post Trip “Duvet Days” a growing trend, or a duty of care requirement?

Traveller Wellbeing remains a priority for many organisations with the wear and tear business travel places upon your travelling workforce. High volumes of travel can be detrimental to not only company culture, but productivity too if they are not managed correctly. Companies are already increasingly looking at ways to make workforce's happier within the workplace, changes to policies on areas such as paternity leave, flexible working hours, standards of business travel or “Bleisure” time to name a few.

Businesses should be fully aware of the potential adverse impacts business travel can have on an individual's mindset. Time away from home, missing important events, lack of exercise or just time and space to relax, can all cause stress and anxiety for an employee.

With Traveller Well being at the forefront of businesses minds, “Post Trip Duvet Days” are becoming increasingly popular, but what are they? and how will the implementation of these “Duvet Days” help motivate whilst adhering to the Duty of Care strategies?

Bleisure & Post Duvet Days

Post business trip “Duvet days” are similar to theBleisure Concept (the art of tagging on some leisure time to end of business trips) but instead of adding extra travel time, you tag on an extra day of rest upon return to benefit the employee.

Changes in attitudes to flexible working, such as work from anywhere policies, and improvements in technology have made not only bleisure but Post Trip Duvet Days easier for everyone. With many benefits to adding the extra bleisure or rest time to the end of a trip for not only the employee but the employer too (Productivity and subsequently financial performance being the main return for any company)

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Duty of Care

Concepts such as Post Trip Duvet Days and Bleisure all fall under the umbrella of Duty of Care. It's important for any business to remember their Duty of Care obligations towards their employees, not only from a legal perspective but moral perspective also. Duty of Care encompasses the consideration of health, safety and well-being whether they are in the UK or abroad.

Having a robust Business Travel Policy in place is not only paramount to the reduction and measurability of your business travel budgets but for the protection of your employees also.

If you’re wondering how to implement a duty of care strategy for your business travellers, this guide will walk you through the essential steps to protect your employees. 

We would love to know your thoughts on Post Trip “Duvet Days”, do you or your business practice this already? We’d love to hear your thoughts, just drop them in the box below…

Guide to Managing Business Travel Risk and Duty of Care for SMEs & Personal Assistants

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