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The A's of Corporate Travel


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Here we give you a short sharp overview of the A's of corporate travel taken from our FREE Download - Business Travel Glossary- The A- Z of Corporate Travel ...

Ancillary fees

Ancillary fees are used to charge travellers for
additional services over and above the basic
price. Standard in low-cost carriers and
becoming more popular across all types of
travel, ancillary fees include checked baggage,
meals and seat allocation when travelling by
air and WiFi, parking or breakfast when
staying in a hotel.

Association of Corporate Travel
Executives (ACTE)

ACTE is a non-profit organisation that
represents the global business travel industry.
It provides executive-level educational
programmes and carries out independent
industry research. 

Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC)

The Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC)
was set up by the train operating companies formed
during the privatisation of the Railways under the
Railways Act 1993. In addition to being the official voice
of the passenger rail industry, ATOC provides its
members with various services that enable them to
comply with the conditions of their franchise
agreements and operating licences. Travel management
companies must hold an ATOC licence to issue rail

Average Transaction Value (ATV)

The average transaction value is the average value of all
business travel transactions, most useful when analysing
the average costs of a particular travel type such as
airfare, hotel room or train ticket. Looking at the ATV
allows you to spot trends, monitor expenditure and
identify opportunities to reduce costs.


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