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The benefits of working with TMC`s in the event of unforeseeable circumstances

The benefits of working with TMC`s in the event of unforeseeable circumstances

In recent days, storm Ciara`s high winds have led to disruption across the UK and Europe, creating widespread travel disruptions along with the cancellation of public events.

It’s at times like these, that the value of working with a Travel Management Company (TMC) to manage your travel programme becomes even more demonstrated. TMC’s can bring various benefits to your organisation in these situations by aiding employees to re-book their travel plans, when such weather events occur.

Our Strategic Account Manager Andy Sison takes a look at the behind the scene benefits of working with TMC`s in the event of unforeseeable circumstances.

#1 Changes

Let’s face it, no one likes to be kept on hold and when travel disruptions do occur, business travellers often find themselves waiting in lengthy queues either in person or on the telephone. Business travellers who are not working with a Travel Management Company will be familiar with spending long periods of time waiting to speak to airlines to amend travel plans over the phone/in person, with the additional risk of paying high-level amendment costs to change flights online. When working with a TMC, your dedicated travel team is on hand 24/7 waiting to use their knowledge to get you home both conveniently and cost-effectively. 

#2 Contact details

Within the guidelines of GDPR and Data protection regulations, TMC`s will securely share passengers contact information (usually a mobile number) with Airlines from your traveller profile form. By doing so, this allows air operators to text passengers in the event of cancellations sometimes before the agents are made aware, enabling business travellers to be in the know right away. 

#3 Holding flights

By using an Online Booking system provided by a Travel Management Company, you can hold some airline fares for up to 72 hours. For business travellers that want to keep their options open when re-booking, this added value benefit enables employees more flexibility and choice when re-booking.

#4 Emergency department 

Becoming stranded outside of normal working hours isn’t fun for any seasoned road warrior but having a 24-hour emergency support service available through a TMC, will provide out of hours support for organisations when travel plans need to be changed last minute.

#5 Risk assessment & Traveller Safety

Traveller tracking technology available from Travel Management Companies enables organisations to comply with Duty of Care Legislation and protect their travelling employees in the event of emergency/disruption. Ensuring all travel is booked through one central avenue aids awareness and visibility of not only travel safety but spend also. If you have signed up to a TMC’s traveller safety mobile tools you will be updated on any potential risks or disruptions in your employee's current location ensuring that traveller well-being and safety is always paramount.

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#6 Updates

Although the digital world we live in today provides numerous local and global weather updates at your fingertips a good Travel Management Company, will also be proactive alongside of this, reaching out to travellers/organisations with any additional support should they be aware your flight has been cancelled/delayed in the event of weather disruptions. 


Taking the above points into consideration, ask yourself, if your business books their business travel requirements directly via the internet, do you have any plans in place to deal with such unforeseeable circumstances?  Hopefully we have demonstrated why working with a Travel Management Company will assist in not only allowing you to quickly identify passengers impacted by disruptions, but also provide solutions for travellers to rebook their plans within your travel policy aiding smooth travel for your employees when situations occur.

About Andrew Sison

Andy is our Strategic Account Manager and works with a number of high profile businesses to manage their business travel more effectively. Andy’s track record is enviable and he works hard to deliver savings, add value, help companies consolidate their travel programmes and manage change.
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