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The C's of Corporate Travel

The C's of Corproate Travel

Here we give you a short sharp overview of the C's of corporate travel taken from our FREE Download - Business Travel Glossary The A- Z of Corporate Travel ...

Corporate travel policy

A corporate travel policy provides guidelines to
your employees who need to travel as part of
their job. Without one, employees are left to make
their own choices, which leaves your business
open to the risk of overspend and lack of control.
Defining a travel policy will ensure your
employees book travel in the way you want them
to, comply with your guidelines on what they’re
entitled to and how much they can spend, and
also help them prepare for their trips to ensure
their safety.

For more information and access to our FREE Guide on how to write a business travel policy click HERE

Credit Account

Credit accounts have been a staple of most travel
management companies for years. With a credit
account, you can purchase all travel services without
having to worry about individual credit cards and
expense claims because all travel purchases will be
automatically charged to your account and paid for
by direct debit.

For more information how on you can pay for business travel services with a Travel Management Company click HERE


Business Travel Glossary

How to Write a business travel policy

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