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The H's of Corporate Travel- taken from our FREE Business Travel Glossary

H's of Corporate Travel.jpgHere we give you a short sharp overview of the H's of corporate travel taken from our FREE Download - Business Travel Glossary The A- Z of Corporate Travel ... 

Hotel Bill Back

Hotel bill back is a system where instead of a
traveller settling directly with a travel supplier
(e.g. paying a room bill on departure), the hotel
sends the bill directly to the Travel Management Company to settle, who is
then paid by the corporate client. Hotel bill back
makes the traveller’s life easier as they don’t have
to claim expenses and they’re not out of pocket
while they wait for expenses to be repaid.

Hotel Loyalty Scheme

Hotel loyalty programmes work similarly to the
corporate rewards schemes offered by airlines and
are totally free. With hotel loyalty schemes,
travellers accrue points every time they stay with
the same hotel chain, as points accumulate over
time, that can be exchanged for future hotel
bookings. Most travel management companies will
manage hotel loyalty schemes on your behalf to
ensure the full benefits are realised.

Hotel RFP

A Hotel RFP is a Request for Proposal or Request
for Pricing issued by an organisation wishing to
invite hotels to bid for their business. Hotels
propose discounted hotel rates and added value
services in exchange for a commitment of a
number of room nights within a given period.


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