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The L's of Corporate Travel- taken from our FREE Business Travel Glossary

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Here we give you a short sharp overview of the L's of corporate travel taken from our FREE Download - Business Travel Glossary The A- Z of Corporate Travel ... 

Lead time

In business travel, lead time is the term used to
describe the time between making a travel
booking and the departure date. So if you booked
travel on the 1st June and travelled on the 10th
June, the lead time would be ten days. Lead time
is critical in business travel because the majority
of the time, the longer the lead time, the lower the
cost of the trip. Good travel management
companies work with their clients to increase
booking lead time by educating travel bookers and
travellers to change their behaviour.

Lodge card/account

A lodge card is a credit card exclusively used for
corporate travel expenditure. All business travel
transactions will be charged to your lodge
account and paid by BACS or direct debit.

Low-Cost Carrier

A low-cost carrier or budget airline (LCCs) is an
airline that offers lower fares in exchange for a more
basic service than traditional scheduled airlines.

These ‘no frills’ airlines usually charge for extras such
as priority boarding, seat allocation, check-in
baggage and food on top of the basic ticket price.
While this has been the favoured pricing strategy for
low-cost carriers for some time, we're starting to see
more traditional carriers follow suit as they test new
ways to drive extra revenue and compete with their
newer rivals.


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