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The R's of Corporate Travel - Taken from our FREE Business Travel Glossary

The R's of Corporate Travel - Taken from our FREE Business Travel Glossary

Here we give you a short overview of the R's of corporate travel taken from our FREE Download - Business Travel Glossary The A- Z of Corporate Travel ... 


Retail Price Index (RPI)

In the United Kingdom, the Retail Price Index (RPI)
is a measure of inflation published monthly by the
Office for National Statistics. It measures the
change in the cost of a representative sample of
retail goods and services. RPI is often used within
travel management contracts to determine an
annual price increase..

Request for Proposal (RFP)

A business travel or travel management RFP is
typically issued by organisations when they are
inviting businesses to tender for their travel
management services contract. The RFP is the
chance for the client to outline their objectives
and aspirations for the contract and the
opportunity for the supplier to propose how they
will fulfil the contract including evidence of their

Rogue Traveller

A rogue traveller is a traveller who ignores travel
policy/company guidelines and books travel
outside of the contract and guidelines.


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