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The T's of Corporate Travel - Taken from our FREE Business Travel Glossary.

The T's of Corporate Travel - Taken from our FREE Business Travel Glossary.

Here we give you a short overview of the T's of corporate travel taken from our FREE Download - Business Travel Glossary The A- Z of Corporate Travel ... 

Traveller Friction

Traveller friction is the wear and tear that business
travellers accumulate over time. It includes the
stress of coordinating calendars at home and
work before a trip, the loss of sleep and poor
health habits on the road, the stress of returning
to work with jet lag and increasing work pressures
caused by the time away from the office.

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Traveller Profile

A traveller profile is stored within your TMC’s
reservation system and contains the information
required to make a booking. Using a traveller
profile speeds up the booking process, and
ensures all critical data and preferences are
applied, streamlining the process and saving
valuable time.

Traveller Tracking

Traveller tracking is the ability to track your
travellers' whereabouts when they are travelling on
business. Using travel management data, traveller
tracking allows you to see where travellers should
be at a given time and means you can quickly see
who could be affected by a crisis should one occur.
New technologies also offer the opportunity to
physically track travellers using GPS however, this is
a much-debated topic on whether it goes too far
concerning traveller privacy.

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