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The W's of Corporate Travel - Taken from our FREE Business Travel Glossary

The W's of Corporate Travel - Taken from our FREE Business Travel Glossary

Here we give you an overview of the W's of corporate travel taken from our FREE Download - Business Travel Glossary The A- Z of Corporate Travel ... 

Web-based distressed hotel inventory

Web distressed hotel inventory is referred to
when a hotel reduces their room rates and makes
them available for sale through third-party
websites such as or

Hotels do this when they don’t think they’ll sell
their rooms at full price, so they’ll distribute the
lower rates online to encourage more bookings.
After all, they’d rather have the rooms occupied at
a lower rate than leaving them empty.

When it comes to optimising a hotel programme,
distressed inventory rates are only a small piece of
the puzzle, but you do need to have access to it if
you want to be sure you’re seeing the lowest rates
at all times. That’s why it’s important you can
search for and book distressed rates through your
travel management company or hotel booking

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