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Top 5 benefits of using a pre-paid currency card when travelling for business.

Top 5 benefits of using a pre-paid currency card when you are a corporate traveller.

Your flights are booked, the hotel & transfers have been arranged and you have prepared for your trip. The mentioned will have usually been paid for in advance or on account with your travel management company, but what about the added extras such as meals and unexpected expenses?

There are few things to consider when looking for a payment method for these items. Do you exchange your native currency for local tender before you travel or wait until you arrive? Do you feel 100% safe taking cash with you or even using your personal or company credit/ debit card whilst away on a business trip?

Below we list the top 5 benefits of using a pre-paid currency card as a form of payment for all of your business travel spend….

#1 Safety first

 A pre-paid card is not linked to a bank or credit card account, this means only the money loaded onto the card is potentially at risk. In the circumstance in which your card is lost, damaged or stolen, most suppliers will block the card as soon as you make them aware and replace your card along with any of the funds loaded onto it within 24 hours. Some providers, in the meantime, may provide you with access to emergency funds to see you through until your new card arrives. 

#2 Budget control

Many suppliers allow you to preload your card with funds from £50 to £5,000. This added flexibility ensures travellers will always have access to enough funds during their trip. Capped limits can also be set to the pre loaded cards and changed immediately, allowing in house finance teams the ability to be able to control and manage spend for business travellers if required. 

#3 No surprises.

When the card is loaded with the desired currency, the exchange rate that is offered on the day is set.  This then prevents any unexpected surprises at the end of the trip as a result of currency fluctuations. For example, if you load your card for US $ at 1.30 to the £ and it falls to 1.20 whilst you are away, the currency value on the card remains at the original loaded rate. This is particularly useful for budgeting and expense reconciliation as you will not have to worry about managing multiple rates of exchange. 

#4 24/7 access.

Pre- paid cards can be used at a large number of ATM’s and merchants worldwide, and if you find yourself having to top up your card with funds whilst away have to top it’s easy to reload your card by logging in online or via an app. 

#5 Speaks many languages 

The majority of cards supplied will be available to use in most currencies, from US $, Euros, UAE Dirhams and many more. Some suppliers can also enable you to register a multi-currency card giving you, even more, flexibility with just one card.


A pre-paid card is a great way of managing your money safely when travelling abroad. Do you feel that they are a good option for business travellers? Let us know in the box below...

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