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Using Behavioural Science to influence your business travel programme

Using Behavioural Science to influence your business travel programme

Behavioural science is the use of subtle prompts to influence an individual's decision, but what does this mean for the business travel industry?

Its subliminal but its clever, organisations who book their travel services through a travel management company tend to use behavioural science to influence their travellers through their online booking tool system. There are many advantages to using an online booking tool (we have them in another post here) the main ones include the reduction the cost to the service fees charged by travel management companies used compared to if you had booked over the phone, but a behavioral technique known as Visual Guilt can also help you achieve greater savings.

How does this work?

Visual Guilt is the tendency of employees to book cheaper options for their business travel requirements simply because they saw lower prices on an online booking screen. As a result, using an online booking tool can reduce average transaction values simply because users experience visual guilt at the time of booking when they wouldn’t have done if someone else was booking on their behalf. When travellers see all the options themselves, they find it tough to overspend or go out of their travel policy set range because their conscience won’t let them and they know the missed savings will be reported on by a dedicated Account Manager.

Good Travel Management Companies will work with you to drive efficiencies in the business travel booking process, whether that be through visual guilt or via traditional methods and by doing so they work in complete harmony with travel teams to provide complete business travel solutions.

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