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What can Travel Management Companies offer Small to Medium Sized Businesses?

What can Travel Management Companies offer Small to Medium Sized Businesses?

As a business you may ask yourself some the following questions from time to time:

#1 Are my employees spending a lot of their time searching the Internet for travel options?

#2 Is the time spent searching in-house costing the business more than the savings made on potential TMC fees?

#3 Would my business benefit from dedicated account management?

#4 Would it benefit my business to have visibility on potential saving opportunities?

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If you have answered yes to any of the above then the following will be of some interest...

Many people who travel for business, have at some point booked their own travel personally via the Internet, whether it was for personal or business purposes. Whilst the Internet has brought us many benefits, technology alone cannot replace the knowledge, expertise and personality offered by an experienced business travel agent.

In today's economic climate, it is understandable that small to medium-sized businesses want to keep their wider business expenditure to a minimum. What some SME’s do not realise, are the ways travel management companies save substantial amounts of money, despite the transaction fee applied for the service.

Unsure? Stay with me...

Most people will outsource something these days, whether it’s cleaning, ironing, gardening, car washing, admin, investing – the list could go on and on. Paying someone else to do something because they are either better at it than you are, or because you just don’t like doing it, isn’t a strange concept anymore.

Many organisations these days happily pay for business travel services because in reality the fees often only account for a very small percentage of the actual travel spend. And by having a professional manage your travel programme, you’ll usually reap the benefits through cost reduction and time efficiencies. But even then, you may have some rogue travellers who just can’t see the value, and so instead of relying on their business travel agent to do the hard work for them, they’ll spend their own time searching different websites trying to find the best deal, bypass the business travel policy and book outside of the contracted travel management agreement, forgetting how much their time is worth in monetary value to the company.

Small to Medium sized businesses benefit from the expertise of a travel management company, as they ensure all savings, loyalty programmes, travel policies, emergency assistance, Management Information Data, Duty of Care obligations are all taken care of.

Dedicated account management means your business receives a detailed breakdown of what, where and how you are spending money on business travel activity and most importantly where you can potentially save money. Team these insights with negotiated rates on hotels/car hire companies and frequently used airlines.

We all know the cost of travel does fluctuate and sometimes booking last minute can cost a significant amount more than what it would if you had booked sometime before. A good travel management company will give you a detailed breakdown of these scenarios advising on the best way forward to maximise the savings potential.

A travel management company can play a massive part in helping your business get a grip on business travel activity whilst finding the best deals, offering bespoke packages/ recommendations, providing detailed breakdowns on your spend, and having your back in emergencies, taking the stress out of booking business travel.

For more information on how Good Travel Management could help your small to medium-sized business, optimise its business travel activity just give us a call:

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