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What do business travellers find most valuable from their Travel Management Company?

What do business travellers find most valuable from their Travel Management Company?

How often have you had to travel for business and there have been unexpected disruptions or delays to your travel leaving you stranded, without anyone to call?

As a Business traveller, have you identified what your biggest values are when these situations occur? Is it the convenience of having someone doing all the legwork whilst you focus on more important things? Or the value for money in knowing that your Travel Management Company understands your needs, whilst being able to simply make a quick call to double check your departure times?

Here we list some of the values Business Travellers feel are most important to them:

#1 Communication

Communication is a vital part of the booking process, however, having a good Travel Management Company (TMC)  onboard knowing exactly what questions to ask you, along with any requirements you may need, communicated in the correct way is paramount. Should there be any changes to your schedule, a good TMC will communicate this as quickly as possible, normally in more than one method. To the Business traveller, this means that you are 1 step ahead of the other travellers and 100% in the loop.

#2 Convenience

Depending on your organisations travel policy restrictions, a dedicated Travel Management Company will provide options which are both convenient to you as the traveller, whilst matching on price. The use of a TMC means hassle-free business travel with complete analysis on your travel spend giving you the convenience of a service tailored to your requirements, along with the peace of mind that the agents handling your travel, have years of experience within their field.

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Some organisations can also have the flexibility of an Online Booking Tool backed up by an in-house team. The tool helps to streamline the booking process. Travel Bookers have a dedicated login, in which the Online Booking tool will know who they are: their travel preferences, preferred suppliers, and personal travel records. It helps to alleviate some of the stresses associated with booking travel whilst leaving you in control of keeping all travel bookers compliant with company travel policy.

#3 Emergency Assistance

Another important feature business travellers find most valuable from their Business Travel Agent is the knowledge that their TMC is on hand for emergency assistance should they need it. From weather disruptions including volcanic activity, terrorism or strike action, having the support of a Travel Management Company 24/7 provides real peace of mind.

Should one of the above-mentioned scenarios occur, having a traveller tracking solution in place and in line with a robust Duty of Care policy is highly recommended. It’s imperative that organisations know where their travellers are when they’re travelling on company business. With a traveller tracking solution, you can access this information whenever you need to with full control and real-time updates.

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#4 Value for money

Is it the monetary savings that you prefer, or the time savings TMC’s provide when stopping you from searching tirelessly through the internet comparing the best routes and hotels.

Some business travellers believe the above teamed with the provision of in-depth Management Information reports giving you invaluable insight into business travel activity is one of the most valuable reasons to use a TMC. MI Reports not only let you know what you’re spending along with who is spending, but you’ll also know with which suppliers, compliance to travel policy, performance against budgets and more…Your MI data will be measured and led by your TMC’s Account Management team, ensuring added value is secured.

#5 Rewards

Personally, I believe as a business traveller myself, it is important to be enrolled in most loyalty schemes not only on an individual basis but also on a corporate level, to ensure that whilst you are out on the road, both yourself and your company are maximising the benefits of Corporate Rewards Schemes. Loyalty Schemes are a great way to earn a little something for free, and the beauty is that your TMC’s Account Management Team manage them on your behalf, ensuring you earn rewards on every trip without having to do a thing!

Completely free to join, corporate reward schemes give your business reward points for the flights you book that are redeemable against air ticket costs and upgrades, or in some cases other travel products such as hotels, lounge access or car rental. TMC’s are fine-tuned to the various reward schemes available and will not hesitate to discover which schemes will maximise on value based on a companies varying airline mix.  

What do you find most valuable from a Travel Management Company? We’d love to hear from you, let us know in the comments below...

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