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What do I leave behind when meeting a prospective client?

What do I leave behind when meeting a prospective client?

Business customers...what is an appropriate gift and will it contravene any corporate bribery policies? What item will add value and leave a good impression of your company?

Here's what I leave behind when meeting a prospective client...

#1 It may seem obvious; however, a well-designed business card is essential for making a good, professional first impression.

#2 I also like to leave our company brochure. Compact in size, it highlights all the solutions and  benefits we deliver and is ideal to share amongst other staff members who maybe could not be present in the meeting.

#3 Carry branded pens and notebooks… Well, who doesn’t like to have spare pens or sticky notes to hand, if these items sport your contact details, they act as a prompt for customers to get in touch with your organisation.

#4 What else should you leave behind? In my opinion, just be memorable! Customers meet loads of new contacts every week so you need to ensure they remember YOU! Apply a clear and concise message on how your services can add benefits and deliver value to their organisation. Tell stories about how you have solved other customer’s problems. Most importantly, demonstrate your company’s capabilities, knowledge and expertise by showing them where to find blogs, case studies and industry information.

Gadgets and gizmos are all very well, but in my experience people still really do buy people, so be personable, pro-active and assist with making your client’s life easier. Oh, and above all smile!

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