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What home comforts do Business Travellers miss when working away from home?

What home comforts do Business Travellers miss when working away from home?Travelling for business can often have a perception that it’s glamorous, some may even be envious of colleagues who get to see the world when they have to work in the same office day in day out.  This has only been heightened in recent years with the likes of Facebook and Instagram giving a filtered glimpse into the lives of the travelling elite, but the negative impacts of business travel aren’t always easy to see.

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Working away from home can sometimes have affect regular business travellers adversely  through time away from home, missing important family events, lack of exercise or just time and space to relax., This, in turn, can cause stress and anxiety, and have a significant effect on an individuals mindset, which can affect employee well-being and productivity massively.

It is important for business travellers to feel as comfortable as possible to increase traveller well-being, but what do Business Travellers yearn for the most whilst they are away?

Here I list a few tips to help you feel more at home whilst away on business...

#1 Going to the Gym

If you are used to being a bit of a health bunny and hitting the gym back home, then missing out on your daily regime can put you out of kilter. That's why it's important to make sure you book a hotel with exercise facilities, leaving you to pump as much iron as you normally would back home.

#2 Business Travel on a Diet

A delicious home-cooked meal after a long stressful day at work can be the make or break of your day and if you're used to eating healthy on home soil, making the right choices whilst out on the road can leave you reeling. But there is hope! to be a business traveller on a diet is possible, from packing healthy snacks to keeping fully hydrated and moving more we have a handy guide HERE

#3 Comfortable Bed and Pillows

Who doesn't miss their comfy bed and pillow set when they are away? When booking your next hotel stay it’s always best to check out the reviews or mention to your Business Travel Consultant that the description of your room states “comfortable bed”. A lot of hotel chains now advertise this on their website as well as added benefits like a choice of pillows. Take advantage of these next time you stay in a hotel and a good night sleep will make all the difference to your working day.

#4 Being Connected

Buying Business Travel reported that Business travellers want to stay productive whilst on the road, so, a good WiFi connection is vital for not only completing essential work but staying in touch with your loved ones, helping you to feel less lonely.

It's always a good idea to take some home comforts with you when travelling to far-flung corners of the world where simply home essentials are not available to purchase. Whether it's your favourite brand of coffee/tea-bags, candles, face masks/pampering essentials or even just your comfy pyjamas and slippers having a little piece of home in your bag can make all the difference.

Your Travel Management Company will help with booking hotels with the best facilities tailored to your requirements. Not currently using a Travel Management Company? Find out why you should HERE

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