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Why an "off the rack" Travel Management Company isn't for you.

Why an "off the rack" Travel Management Company isn't for you.

Ready meals, package holidays, flat pack furniture…. a “one size fits all” readymade solution in the busy fast paced world we live in is essential to keep us going about our daily lives. But sometimes, somethings are best served to your exact taste…. a steak cooked to your liking or a tailor-made suit, made for your exact measurements and fitting like a glove.  

It’s the same within the business travel industry, your corporate travel management
programme should be a bespoke item tailored to your business mix.

Every organisation is unique, from sizing to needs, a business has its own set of corporate travel requirements that need to be fulfilled. If enlisting the assistance of a travel management company (TMC) or implementing one for the very first time, one thing to remember is that they should be flexible and able to adapt to the way yours needs.

A good TMC will take the time to get to know your organisation inside and out, making sure there is a real understanding of what you expect from a business travel agent. Instead of throwing out all of the solutions on offer and hoping something sticks, a good business travel agency will spend initial conversations offering a consultative approach to really get to know what elements of service you will need to obtain the most value and performance of your business travel policy.

Listening to what matters to you, and building your corporate travel programme from the ground up, a TMC will act as an extension of your business, slotting into your company structure easily whilst making suggestions on how to improve. With modern technology advancing at breakneck speed, you want your travel management company to be utilising the new travel tech that could make your business travel easier.

Online booking tools and apps that allow you to manage your trip from your smartphone are essential as the world moves from paper to digital, and any tech that will simplify your business travel translates to time and money saved.

If you unfortunately you have found yourself being provided an off the rack
solution for your travel management programme or are without a business travel
agency, then read our blog  5 things to consider when choosing a new supplier
of Travel Management Services?
To help you evaluate your current or new provider.

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