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A workaholic’s guide to planning before travelling on a business trip...

A workaholic’s guide to planning before travelling on a business trip...

“Business travel is like going on holiday” a popular misconception from outsiders looking at an average business trip. Business trips can seem a glamorous enviable perk of the job, but most business travellers will tell you the exact opposite. After a long day of travel or work, the average business traveller returns to their hotel room and continues to work into the night.

Corporate travellers are true workaholics, catching any glimmer of WI-FI signal they can, from the airport lobby….to the local coffee shop, answering emails as and when they can and dedicating every moment to the task in hand. So when can corporates relax? Here are our tips to implement before you travel to ensure you catch a little relaxation when on business…

#1 Delegation

Find someone capable and trustworthy to manage the important jobs whilst you are away. This takes some of the pressure away from you to maximise your time whilst on business. Prepare other jobs in advance, scheduling emails / blogs / social media posts to take some of the day to day parts of your role off your radar for the short term.

#2 Prepped Schedule

Being organised is a given,especially in foreign climes when the first hurdle is managing the metro to get you to your business meeting, but don't over plan things into your diary. Putting too much onto your schedule will not only leave you flustered, but will leave you feeling like you need a vacation as soon as you hit home soil. Why not leave some extra “bleisure time” to experience the local sights, or at least give you some extra minutes figuring out the directions to your destination.

#3 The daily grind…

Plan your return, if you are returning back to the grindstone after spending a week in a different timezone, when possible, give yourself an extra day or so to get back to reality. Why not leave the out of office on for one extra day to get caught up with everything you have missed whilst you have been away. If you can, try to work from home the first day back, maximising your time and minimising distraction from office visitors.

What's important is that balance is kept before, during and after your business trip. Using a good Travel Management Company to organise your business travel activity will take the hassle out of these preparations for you, letting you maximise your time away.

What best practices do you have when preparing for your business trips? Let us know in the comments below...

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