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5 easy ways to make your business travellers happier

5 easy ways to make your business travellers happier

Traveller wellbeing and employee happiness are topics receiving much attention of late, as companies strive to minimise the adverse effects of business travel. While this is a big topic with many factors to consider (you can read more in this article), here are five quick wins for making your employees' next business trip a more enjoyable one. All bookable through good travel management companies of course!

#1 Airport Parking 

Most business travellers are busy, coordinating work and home life can be a juggling act, so much so, how to get to the airport is sometimes a bit of an afterthought. Booking airport parking in advance means your business traveller will feel more organised thanks to no last minute rush to source a car parking space in the most convenient airport car park, and what's more, it will cost the company less than just turning up at the car park on the day of travel. 

There are many car parking options to choose from, and typically you'll pay for convenience, the cheapest options are usually furthest from the airport with the most expensive offering a meet and greet service at the terminal.

Meet and greet airport parking

The ultimate time saver, meet and greet parking allows you to drive straight to the airport terminal where a driver will meet you and park your car for you. When you return, the driver will drop your car back at the terminal ready for your return. A great time saving option and an excellent way to take the stress out of travelling.

On-airport parking

On-airport parking is parking that is within the airport boundary, despite this, the car park can still be quite a way from the terminal building, so it's wise to check the transfer times before you book. 

Airport park and ride

Park your car and jump on the shuttle bus and this will then take you to your terminal. On your return you will wait for the shuttle bus at the airport to then return you to your car.

Off-airport parking 

Off-airport parking is situated outside the airport boundary. After parking your car, a shuttle bus will take you to the airport. Despite being offsite, it is worth checking the transfer times from these car parks as sometimes they are closer than on-airport facilities. 

#2 Airport Hotels

If you have an early morning flight, an overnight hotel near the airport is always a good option. Not only will you have extra time to catch up on some extra sleep before your flight, but you can also be sure you won't snooze the alarm clock because the hotel will wake you at a specified time with a courtesy call. Some airport hotels also include airport parking as part of a package, which can provide excellent value.

There are two types of airport hotels:

On-Airport hotels 

These hotels tend to be close to the airport terminals. Some on-site airport hotels may be within walking distance but will still offer a shuttle service to and from the hotel to the terminal that operates 24 hours a day. Some shuttle services may be chargeable depending on the hotel rate booked.

Off-Airport hotels

These hotels are outside of the airport grounds, normally operating a shuttle service to and from the terminal to the hotel itself. These hotels tend to be more competitive on price compared to the rates available with onsite airport hotels.

#3 Airport lounges

An excellent way to start off any business trip, airport lounges are available at most airports around the world. Some airlines offer free lounge access to their customers; this usually depends on the ticket type or the customer's frequent flyer status. As well as lounges operated by the airlines, travellers can pay to go into airport lounges, but pre-booking is recommended as there are only limited spaces available. 

Airport Lounge benefits include:

  • Lounge offers a secluded getaway from the crowded terminal
  • Entry is up to 3 hours ahead of your flight, leaving plenty of time for rest and relaxation. 
  • Enjoy a selection of complimentary drinks and snacks
  • Complimentary magazines and newspapers
  • Some lounges have business facilities including wireless broadband so you can get on with any work before boarding your flight.

#4 Fast track security

Fast Track passes enable a traveller to go through airport security bypassing the regular queues by stepping into the VIP Fast Track lane instead. Using this service eliminates not only the amount of time spent queuing but also the associated stresses or complications that may arise, giving you more time to enjoy the departure lounge before your flight.

#5 Transfers / private chauffeurs

Getting from one point to another in an unfamiliar country can be a stressful experience. Local taxi companies can often overcharge tourists, so pre-booking transfers is always a good plan. Instead of queueing for a cab on arrival, your transfer service will be waiting for you to take you to your onward destination.

If you want to offer your travellers a little more luxury or you've clients to impress, why not book a private chauffeur. If you or your business travellers need to get from their hotel to a conference/meeting, a driver can collect and bring them back. Dependent on the budget, private transfer/chauffeurs can provide a more luxurious experience in a premium vehicle.

If you have any tips on keeping your travellers happy whilst travelling on business then do let us know and pop a comment in the box below, we would love to hear from you! 

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