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5 Tips to help successfully pack for your next business trip

5 Tips to help successfully pack for your next business trip

Travelling on business can be a hectic time for most business travellers, amongst the commotion of preparing for various presentations and meetings, the thought of packing fills most people with dread…

To ensure you have it all taken care of take a look at our handy tips to help you successfully pack for your next business trip...

#1 Size Matters

When selecting the size of your luggage choose wisely. If you are only making a short trip, do you really need that extra cost of a bag checking into the hold? If not..why not opt for a cabin bag, but check in advance that it adheres to the size regulations of the airline you are flying with and if you can also take a handbag or laptop bag on board alongside.

#2 Prepare your Documents

As well as having a copy of your schedule & spare travel details stored on your laptop or tablet, it is often useful to have them in paper format as well. Your travel documents should include a copy of your itinerary, emergency contact information, and any other documents such as car rental details. To ensure you arrive at meetings on time, use a route planner in advance and keep any directions to hand along with the phone numbers and addresses of the people you are meeting just in case you take a wrong turning and go off-track.

#3 Charge those gadgets

This may be an obvious one but making sure your phone/laptop and tablets are charged before you travel is essential, whilst also packing any relevant electrical adaptors for the country you are visiting. You’ll find that most trains and airport lounges will provide free electrical charging ports to ensure your batteries are topped up ready for your meeting.

#4  Take a smart but versatile wardrobe

Travelling on business will often involve lots of different meetings from formal meetings to evening events, but when making a good impression is paramount, flexibility is key. Pack a few staple wardrobe items which will allow you to create multiple looks suitable for taking from day to night without using up all the available space in your luggage. Choose clothing materials that do not crease easily and ensure the hotel you are staying at has a laundry service to keep you looking sharp at all times.

#5 Lone ranger...

Travelling with a colleague can be a great experience as you can tackle new climbs together. But If you find yourself on a solitary business trip, time spent on your own between meetings can become a lonely experience. Taking a good book or installing a fun application on a tablet or smartphone, can counteract this. You could maybe take a city guide for the destination you are visiting? Not only will you be able to make the most of any spare leisure time by discovering great places to visit,  but you will also gain local knowledge and pick up a few local phrases along the way.

Hopefully using the above tips will help you when packing for your upcoming business trip. If you have any useful tips that you would like to share please leave a comment in the box below...

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