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An insight into Global Underwater Hub's Subsea Expo 2022


Subsea Expo is an exhibition that attracts a hugely diverse audience in the Subsea, Energy & Marine Sector from a variety of global markets and these different sub sectors. It gives companies the opportunity the showcase their involvement in the sector, and the benefits they can bring.

Fraser Jordan, one of our Business Development Managers, attended recently and here he gives his overview and feedback on the benefit of being back ‘face to face’ at events as well as insights from the event itself.

Attending Subsea expo gave Fraser a great opportunity to try out the Loganair service to Aberdeen, an airline heavily used by companies operating in the marine and offshore sector.


My journey started by jumping on the LM28 up to Aberdeen which was my first flight with Loganair on an aircraft known as the ‘Flying Pencil’ – Embraer 145. It feels like a private jet with its 1-2 configuration, it’s one of the very few aircrafts where you can have a window and aisle seat in one! Loganair offer a complimentary service on all flights which includes a selection or drinks and snacks which is very refreshing and quite unusual on a UK domestic flight these days, but a very nice touch.


Subsea Expo

I was ready for Aberdeen’s first indoor, face-to-face exhibition since Subsea Expo 2020 and wasn’t it good to be back! There was so much positivity through being face-to-face with people again, and it there was clearly a renewed enthusiasm to network and meet others again and the general outlook and vibe was more positive than ever before.


Subsea Expo gives a fantastic insight into the market and activity for this sector, something that is extremely helpful given much of my activity is within the marine and offshore sector. Whilst we work within and understand the sector there is always more to learn and the event allows us to gain insight and allows us to be always best placed to handle the diverse and sometimes complex travel requirements within this sector.

An interesting aspect was to learn more about ROV’s, which was a big focus at the event. These unoccupied ‘Remotely Operated Vehicles’ are used for exploration and investigation underneath the ocean surface whilst being operated by someone above the ocean surface. This equipment can be extremely useful and valuable for companies operating in the subsea sector who may need to carry out maintenance to any subsea equipment they operate and makes subsea operations much easier and more efficient. ROV’s were one example of a wide range of different types of equipment being showcased at the event, with the objective being for organisations to support each other with their different types of products and expertise.

Another focus at the event was surrounding the medical equipment to be held at the site of an offshore diving operation. This was particularly timely and in response to changes that The Diving Medical Advisory Committee (DMAC) recently made to their guidance. Clinical DMAC kits were present at the event and were also interesting to see.

It was a great feeling to be face-to-face and attending Subsea Expo again. In person events are so important for building strong relationships and connecting with new and existing contacts. After attending Subsea Expo 2022, it was apparent that there is a lot of growth with SME’s within the sector, alongside the global companies operating in the sector.

Here are a few top tips for anyone attending Subsea Expo!

  • Make sure that you’re active on LinkedIn prior to the event, it will help you engage and connect before the event, so you get as much out of it as possible.
  • Don’t forget your business cards! They were still in demand even if they could be deemed as ‘old school’!
  • Research before you go and look at the event programme, including any speakers you might want to listen to and make a schedule for yourself.
  • Staying close to the event makes the whole experience much more beneficial, productive, and enjoyable. There is a hotel at the venue and other airport hotels nearby.
  • Take some notes whilst you’re there – you can share valuable and insightful information that you learnt at the event from speakers that you can then relay back to your colleagues or when visiting clients.

After a hugely beneficial and enjoyable time at Subsea Expo 2022, I was due to be getting on the Flying Pencil once again for my return journey, however this was changed to Loganair’s new state-of-the art ATR 72-600. This is mainly used for their flights up to the Scottish Isles; however, it was a nice and pleasant change with a very spacious cabin in a 2-2 seating configuration.


Since 1833, our group of companies has been highly regarded in the Maritime and Travel sectors with operations in the shipping, transport, warehousing and corporate and marine travel sectors. For companies with Marine, Offshore and Energy travel requirements, this means we understand exactly how important it is to have a knowledgeable and reliable partner you can trust to safely move your people from one place to another, on schedule, and in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

There are many more face to face events this year and I am looking forward to the next one immensely after such a positive visit to Aberdeen recently.

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