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Bleisure – the benefits of extending business trips for corporate travellers

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Although the term bleisure has only gained popularity in recent years, the art of tagging on some leisure time to business trips isn’t a new concept, but changes in attitudes to flexible working, such as work from anywhere policies, and improvements in technology have made bleisure easier for everyone.

There are many benefits to not only the employee adding the extra bleisure time but the employer too! Here I list the advantages of adding on some bleisure time when travelling for business:


Employee’s benefits

#1 A chance to Unwind

Getting some all important “Me Time” after a stressful business trip. Having the chance to explore the area of travel rather than being confined to the office/meeting room or airport.

#2 You can save money!

The Majority of the time, air fares are cheaper when having a longer stay, so in essence, you are saving the company money by extending your trip when the return airfare is covered by your company. In cases when the air fares are more expensive, your company may allow you to pay the difference in what it would have cost if you were to return immediately after the business trip. This is all dependant on the company’s business travel policy so always check with your in line management or HR department before going ahead and booking with your travel management company.

#3 Time Saving

You will already be at your destination to begin with, so you can start your holiday/ bleisure time once you have finished your workload without having to travel elsewhere! 


Employers benefits

#1 Save costs on travel

If the employee wants to extend their trip, generally this will mean the air fares are cheaper, especially when including Saturday night stayovers.

#2 Keep your regular travellers happy.

Some employees may consider business travel an inconvenience or an impact on their well-being. Tight schedules, different time zones and time away from home, are all factors that eat away at the glamour of business travel, so much so, it’s easy for business travellers to fall into the trap of arriving at a destination, checking into the hotel and then thinking of nothing but the task they’re there to accomplish. By allowing an employee to add some bleisure time onto the end of their business trip, this will not only help to incentivise them to travel for business more frequently, but will hopefully increase productivity and happiness too!

#3 Scoping out the area

The employee may be extending a trip in a particular area or place where your company conducts a lot of business, as a result of the extra Bleisure time they are learning the cultures , traditions and business customs of the place itself which in turn may help with future projects.

Putting a business travel policy in place is imperative for any company with business travel requirements. In terms of Bleisure, just be sure to outline what will be covered by the company whilst the employee is on business and what the employee will be expected to pay for once they start their own personal holiday.

A good business travel agency can take the stress out of not only corporate travel services but bleisure bookings too. By helping with business travel services the travel management company can…

#1 Show quotes for the dates of the proposed business trip and make a price comparison for the dates requested to extend the trip. By doing this as you will have full visibility of the cost savings you can make by allowing the traveller to extend their trip for bleisure.

#2 Make all parts of the booking hassle-free by offering to book ancillary services such as additional accommodation, private transfers, additional internal flights, attraction tickets, airport lounges, car rental and much more.

#3 Ensure all payments for the trip are split. The TMC will ensure the bleisure aspect of the trip is directly charged to the employee on a separate account. By splitting the payment this will mean the company’s business travel data will not be affected when reporting on the corporate travel spend.

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