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Complexities of Booking Travel Management: Traveller Safety and Wellbeing (Part 2) Duty of Care

complexities of booking business travel part 2 Duty of Care AS

Traveller Safety (Part 2) Duty of Care

The Harvard Business Review recently quoted, “The most pressing issue for businesses today is the health and safety of their workforce amid the Covid-19 crisis”. This quote is paramount to any Travel Management Company working with customers who have to travel, whether domestically or overseas. It is particularly important to us here at Good Travel Management (GTM) as we see new and existing client partners work closely with us as we support them with traveller safety concerns and Duty of Care requirements.

Today, with vaccines being provided throughout the world, this opens the potential of enhanced travel amongst nations in the future; and companies must be ready to manage travel risks, safety concerns and increased directives affecting their travelling workforce. The past 12 months have heightened the importance to work in partnership with a Travel Management Company (TMC) (or at least trial one) that is prepared to face any challenges with you, in short, its such a complex world that it needs expert support and guidance.

Good Travel Management’s Strategic Account Manager Andy Sison now discusses incorporating traveller safety and wellbeing into your travel programme to support you with the complexities of booking travel management.

A key benefit of working with a TMC is being able to show a clear and live duty of care policy in action to your employees by supporting them, every step of the way. ‘GT Assist’, our very own travel risk management programme includes all essential elements a business with travelling employees needs to fulfil their Duty of care responsibilities. In turn, our client partners are provided with peace of mind that their travellers are supported 24/7 no matter their global location or whereabouts.

Firstly, using our 24-hour emergency assistance services, support is provided 24/7, every day of the year to help support our clients travelling workforce. Whether it is a quick question, emergency re-planning of a trip, changes in government guidelines for travel or help with repatriations, our expert knowledgeable and experienced consultants are on hand to assist taking pressure off your employee and your HR teams.

Secondly, our Crisis management processes provide reassurance travellers, their family, and their employers need when they have been affected by a crisis. We quickly and proactively locate any travellers that could be impacted, agree any support required and define a plan to get them home, keeping everyone in the loop on our progress to assist with their employee wellbeing.

Thirdly, our Disruption and Risk alerts advise travellers and travel bookers of any events that could affect a traveller’s trip. Our alerts cover any events, risks, or policy changes that could affect travellers including changes to quarantine restrictions, strike action, travel advice changes, updates to passport and visa requirements, and travel delays or cancellations.

Lastly, through Real-time traveller tracking, organisations know where their travellers are, and when they are travelling on company business. Using our traveller tracking solution, you can access this information 24/7.  Our traveller tracking solution connects clients with their travellers and ensures they can instantly locate all employees in the event of a crisis.  Powered by a mobile application, the product maps current risks with current travellers’ locations to provide a proactive risk management solution allowing the company to immediately identify any at-risk employees, and communicate with them via the application.

Through our services, our client partners have a solution where everything can be booked in one place enabling full visibility and control of all travel bookings made for their business, which is especially important considering ‘Duty of Care’ requirements and safeguarding travellers.  


There`s only a short time today to go through a few of the potential ideas and suggestions we have, however, we would be happy to set up a call or video meeting to discuss how we can support you further by working in partnership with you through GT Consulting. We will continue to provide more solutions to manage and support the complexities of booking business travel within our series of blogs or if there is something you would like to know more about, do please get in touch.


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Andy is our Strategic Account Manager and works with a number of high profile businesses to manage their business travel more effectively. Andy’s track record is enviable and he works hard to deliver savings, add value, help companies consolidate their travel programmes and manage change.
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