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Finding the right Marine and Energy Travel Specialist for your company

Finding the right Marine and Energy Travel Specialist for your company

If looking for a specialist Travel Management Company is completely new to you, aside from an Internet search, you may not know where to start. Specialist Marine and Energy Travel providers are not always automatically obvious as they may provide a range of other services alongside this specialism.

Many of the Marine and Energy clients of Good Travel Management come to us via a recommendation, so why not speak to peers in your industry sector or any business groups you are a member of? You would expect to see them involved in industry events and activities and to play an intelligent part in the industry itself. Although there are a lot of Travel Management Companies around you should be clear on what your priorities are when looking to outsource your travel. We discuss more here:

Intelligent Content

Look for a Marine and Energy travel provider who not only can deliver on service offering, but also provides intelligent content such as interesting and useful resources, blogs and answers to the questions you are looking for. An internet search should start to find those answers or point you in the right direction.

Marine Specialist Fares

One of the biggest benefits of working with a specialist are the airfares available to employees in the marine, renewables and energy sectors. These are not available generally so ensure you shortlist someone who can provide these for you. (GT Marine are British Airways/IAG Specialist Agents) These will be essential in maximising flexibility and increased baggage allowance whilst avoiding the costs of last-minute changes. Traditionally, Marine airfares were only offered and accessible to Seafarers. Today, a huge array of job types and positions can also avail of these sector-specific airline tickets including Engineers, Health and Safety Inspectors, Consultancy Firms and Vessel Hospitality Staff to name a few. (A full list can be found in our FREE Marine Tool Kit) These fares are specifically set up to support anyone travelling offshore, for crew changes and those working in the supply chain, and brings many added benefits such as flexibility, extra baggage allowance for passengers and little or no cancellation charges. This was vital before Covid-19 but even more important given the instability and nature of world events.

24/7 support and safety solutions

Your business operates 24/7 so you need that support for your travelling employees. If you are doing it yourself currently then consider the cost implications and time spent managing this. A specialist will manage your expectations 24/7. From a 24/7 travel service to traveller tracking and travel alerts, ensuring crew and HR managers have instant access to their travelling employees and have their well being at heart.

Payment Solutions

As many employees in this sector can be contractors or have employees without a company credit card then look for someone who can smooth out the payment and expense solutions you need. Paying for ground arrangements, hotels and a range of travel solutions is vital to ensure your travellers are not out of pocket or having to process expense claims which add in further time and cost into the process.

Utilise Business Travel Networks

The Marine and Energy travel industry has lots of events and conferences throughout the year and include sessions about crew and marine travel. They may organise market visits and trade missions to exhibitions and events globally and can introduce you to new business and market opportunities. Check out these organisations to find out more about Marine and Energy travel and share experiences with like-minded professionals. There’s nothing better than a personal recommendation from someone who's currently using a Specialist TMC.

For more information on how Good Travel Management can assist your business, download our FREE Marine and Energy Travel Toolkit or contact us:

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