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Good Travel Management attend the Energy Exports Conference 2022

Energy Exports Conference 2022

Business Development Manager Fraser Jordan, recently attended the Energy Exports Conference 2022, held in Aberdeen, and organised by the Energy Industries Council. The event was created to Identify key global energy project opportunities and provide advice on how to succeed in new markets whilst discussing the industry's energy transition requirements and opportunities evolving from net-zero targets.

Here, Fraser discusses the event along with key elements he learned:

Being the first EIC (Energy Industries Council) event attended since becoming the EIC’s official travel supplier, I was eager to get to know more about the EIC and their membership and how they support the energy sector.

The aim of attending the Energy Exports Conference was to give both myself and Good Travel Management an added insight into the sector, and whilst we already have a lot of knowledge and experience it allowed us to learn, understand and keep up-to-date even more, making us best placed to handle the diverse and sometimes complex travel requirements that are often needed to support this sector.

The key themes for the event surrounded the industry sectors and specialisms Good Travel Management’s Marine and Energy Travel team operate within and was also areas we see as growth markets for the industry and in the business travel sector including:

  • Renewables
  • Hydrogen & Carbon Capture
  • Nuclear
  • Energy Opportunities

I found the event was very well organised, especially after it had been held virtually last year and there were several informative industry-related talks that I found particularly helpful.

Now is a critical time for the global energy sector for several reasons. It is vitally important for the sector to diversify and continue to become more sustainable quickly. #EEC2022 raised awareness that there is a real need to support the UK (UNITED KINGDOM) Energy Sector by providing appropriate funding to ensure it thrives both now, and in years to come.

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Areas such as carbon capture are vitally important as part of the energy transition and evolving the industry, to ensure we continue to evolve and de-carbonise the sector, as part of the continued effort and process to replace fossil fuels with low carbon energy sources. This requires a significant change in how energy is supplied and consumed, which includes further investment and reliance on the renewable energy sector.

The government has recently outlined a plan and roadmap for Britain to become more self-sufficient and independent, with the acceleration of ‘homegrown’ power. This means cleaner and more affordable energy to boost long-term energy independence, security, and prosperity, which could see 95% of Great Britain’s electricity to be ‘low carbon’ by 2030 and further expansion and investment in nuclear, wind, solar & hydrogen.

After attending the Energy Exports Conference, it was apparent that there is a lot of growth opportunity for SMEs within the sector. As a Specialist Marine and Energy Travel provider, Good Travel Management are here to help companies manage their travel logistics effectively including access to specialist marine, energy, and offshore fares. We will shortly have further specialist fares available for the wind energy sector both on and offshore.

Good Travel Management’s Events Manager Ian Cutts who was also in attendance at the conference commented on the event “It was great to attend the Energy Exports Conference (EEC) and meet with so many people learning about Energy Export and its future developments. I also look forward to supporting Energy Industry Council and their exhibitors with their travel arrangements at future events such as the Hamburg Wind Energy, Gastech Milan, ADIPEC and Rio Oil and Gas.”

Since 1833, our group of companies has been highly regarded in the Maritime and Travel sectors. We are not just a travel management company that knows a bit about Marine and Offshore travel, we are embedded within it being a part of the John Good Group. For companies with Marine, Offshore and Energy travel requirements, this means we understand exactly how important it is to have a knowledgeable and reliable partner you can trust to safely move your people from one place to another, on schedule, and in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Below here are my top tips for anyone attending events like EEC:

  • Make sure that you are active on LinkedIn prior to the event, to make sure you get as much out of it as possible.
  • Don’t forget your business cards – people do still like to exchange them.
  • Research before you go and look at the event programme, including any speakers you might want to listen to
  • Staying close to the event makes the whole experience much more beneficial, productive, and enjoyable. There is a hotel at the venue and several other airport hotels nearby.
  • Take some notes while you are there – you can share valuable and insightful information that you learnt at the event from speakers that you can then relay back to your colleagues
  • Engage in the sessions and talk to the EIC team to ensure you benefit from their knowledge and expertise.

I thoroughly enjoy attending events in this sector and have a real passion for Business Travel in this sector. Meeting people face-to-face is so important for building strong relationships and connecting with new and existing contacts and prospective new customers.

Good Travel Management are delighted to attend events organised by the EIC where we can share our expertise and are looking forward to working closely with them as their new Travel Supplier Partner.

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