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How has the global supply chain been disrupted by the pandemic?

How has the global supply chain been disrupted by the pandemic

Traffic Jams, these are not a uniquely British problem; the entire global supply chain has been disrupted by the pandemic.

The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, the busiest in the USA and the ninth-largest in the world, handle 40% of all US container imports and 30% of exports. The pandemic induced buying boom of consumer goods, spending largely diverted from travel and hospitality sectors, has backed up transit through these ports, creating what is probably the world’s largest marine traffic jam. Last week 73 ships, mostly container vessels from Asia, were moored waiting to enter these ports. A major – and familiar to us - factor in the disruption is a shortage of both trucks and drivers to clear these goods.

The wider, global, result is late deliveries of many materials and products, with empty containers in the wrong places and shipping prices going through the roof. 90% of the world’s trade moves by sea, so this creates a knock-on effect in many countries and, in many industries, – there is now a shortage of micro-chips for example, which seriously affects the automotive industry, amongst others.

For Good Travel Management’s marine clients this means that for many the crisis continues, crew are stuck on ships with their travel plans disrupted, not to mention the constant need for these travel plans to be adapted with the ever-changing restrictions. This is where a Travel Management Company who specialise in Marine and Energy Travel comes in. For Ship Owners and Energy Companies, mobilising a vessel or rig cost thousands of pounds per day. Therefore, ensuring crew are in place, on time, anywhere around the world is paramount. It is a challenging business for the substantial number of operators and supply chain contractors ensuring the smooth and seamless movement of people all year round. Managing these specific travel requirements for this sector requires expertise, passion and knowledgeable teams who understand the importance of mission-critical travel.

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