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How to track and offset your carbon emissions more effectively


In our everyday lives we are becoming increasingly more mindful and are making more eco-conscious choices when it comes to our environment. One of the biggest polluters of the environment is the travel and maritime sectors. With considerable activity taking place to both minimise impact, or ensuring the tracking and offsetting is as effective as possible, rather than a ‘tick the box’ exercise.  

All industries and businesses have both a moral and legal responsibility when it comes to environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Businesses are now thinking about the impact their business travel has on the environment more deeply with many organisations wishing to travel more responsibly and sustainably to protect both the local and global environment. 

For years, companies have been tracking and reporting on carbon emissions to keep the Government informed of performance or simply their key values have been protecting our environment and measuring the impact their operation has on it. Understanding and analysing how your business travel contributes to your environmental impact is vital. CO2 emission reports for air, rail and hotel stays have enabled companies to analyse this data and see where improvements can be made, but can this be improved and with more insight? How do you make the right decisions to offset your impact alongside making improvements and being more mindful when travelling? 

As a Travel Management Company, we recognise the importance of reporting on sustainability, which is why our partnership with Thrust Carbon is so vital. Rather than just a measurement of averages we provide a detailed and intelligent calculation of the CO2 emitted by your business travel, but considering factors such as Aircraft Type, Airline Routing and Class of Travel, along with many other factors to ensure they are as accurate as possible to help you truly understand and recognise how behavioural change can make a difference. We can deliver reports at a time to suit, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly which splits the emissions down by many elements such as travel type as well as departmental or individuals within your organisation. 

Once your business has the reports it’s time to act and offset your carbon through highly regarded verifications schemes. These schemes independently verify projects to ensure they do lead to their promised carbon reduction; this includes on-going verification and keeping a registry of every carbon offset bought and sold.  

Schemes offered via Thrust Carbon aim to cover as many United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) as possible, meaning that as well as environmental impact being a focus, they also address issues such as improving education, lifting people out of poverty and improving diversity.  

We can help you Control, Report, and easily offset that calculation. Please see our dedicated page on Sustainability for more information about the solutions we offer or speak to your account manager if you would like to discuss this further and know more. 

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