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Marine and Energy Travel Insights: Happy Mariners – how have Mariners coped during the pandemic?

Marine and Energy Travel Insights: Happy Mariners – how have Mariners coped during the pandemic?

According to a recent survey by the Mission for Seamen, seafarers’ happiness is on the increase and the strains of working during the pandemic are beginning to ease. This is a welcome piece of positive news and comes even though some 5% of crews have now been at sea for more than a year, with 13% at sea for more than nine months. Lengthy periods of time at sea, have caused many to consider a permanent move ashore once they do finally get home, leaving the industry worried that there may be a shortage of seafarers.

One of the main challenges affecting Mariners during the Pandemic was the ability to connect with families as a result from often poor ship-to-shore links. Owners and managers were urged to focus on a return to normal crew change cycle as soon as they could – but as it currently stands, is still a big ask given the congestion at many ports around the world.

Shipping has been the key to world trade, at a time of continuing disruption including country lockdowns. Often a reduction in airline services has meant that the most well-planned itineraries have been at risk.

The world’s 1.5 million seafarers have been recognised as Key Workers. This global army of ship’s crew and offshore workers play a vital role in the world economy, they spend lengthy periods of time at sea for us to benefit from all the modern-day commodities we rely upon. There is already a shortage of replacement crew, so ensuring the Mental Health of Seafarers is of crucial importance to ensure this doesn’t turn into a major crisis.

The work Mission to Seafarers does for workers within the Maritime industry is incredibly important, they provide support in a very sensitive setting and are trusted by thousands of seafarers who use their services. From digital chaplaincy to provisions of essential PPE, food aid and much more – their top priority is that seafarers and their families feel 100% safe and supported.

The services of a specialist Marine Travel Management Company who serve and support these sectors cannot be underestimated either! Having a TMC on board to ensure you can safely find the best way to shore for your crews is vital, helping them get home or back to work as quickly as possible. We know it’s not straightforward out there, but it’s the job of a specialist Marine TMC to help alleviate some of this pressure.

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