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Marine and Energy Travel Insights: How has the global supply chain been affected since the pandemic?

Marine and Energy Travel Insights: How the global supply chain has been affected since the pandemic?

There are many key challenges to the Marine and Offshore Sector. From crew changes to flight availability, weather disruptions. cost implications and most recently, a global pandemic.

Did you know? 90% of the world's goods and resources are transported by ships?, there is a global army of ship’s crew and offshore workers who play a vital role in the world economy by spending lengthy periods of time at sea for us to benefit from all the modern-day commodities we rely upon.

Another key challenge still being faced as we head out of 2021, is the disruption to the global supply chain. Mainly attributed to high consumer demand during the continuing pandemic, continues to create queues at many ports around the world. Singapore – to name but one – currently has 53 container ships at anchor, waiting to enter the port, Los Angeles more than 100. A shortage of truck drivers at many key ports, reported on highly within the news recently, appears to be a common factor, delaying the distribution of containers and the delivery of goods to retailers. This unprecedented surge in demand, coupled with the resulting shortage of containers, has resulted in freight rates increases leading to, ultimately – hopefully temporary – increased prices for the consumer.

A P Moller-Maersk, the world’s largest shipping line, expects the current situation to continue throughout the remaining months of this year and into 2022, with things stabilising later next year. A P Moller-Maersk maintains one in five of all containers moving around the world and has announced, in the spirit of COP26, its aim to be fully carbon-neutral by 2050, showing that it isn’t just the travel sector looking at its carbon footprint recently but the shipping industry too.

Good Travel Management’s Marine and Energy travel specialist team, has continued to provide crew travel support for the shipping and offshore industries in all parts of the UK during the course of the pandemic. Dealing with country lockdowns and a lack of airline services to name a couple of the challenges…providing a robust 24/7/365 operation essential to help clients ensure their marine and energy personnel can travel the globe efficiently.

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