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Post Covid-19 Travel Survey results

Good Travel Management Post Covid Survey resultsAt Good Travel Management we place great importance on listening to our clients so that we can deliver services and solutions that always meet their, individual, needs. As travel and lockdown restrictions begin to ease in many parts of the world, many companies are starting to look at when, and how, they start travelling on business again.

We recently surveyed our clients to get their opinions on when they aim to start travelling and what services they’d need from Good Travel Management so they could travel with confidence. Below we have listed the key messages we took from our clients along with the action, service, or solution, we have implemented in response.

#1 – Ability to be flexible

95% of survey respondents said that being able to book flexible tickets and rates, that allow changes and/or cancellation would be essential.

We always provide a full range of fares and rates with varying degrees of flexibility to provide the best value option for your trip. We will always clearly display the differences in fare/rate level and any charges that may apply for changing or cancelling your ticket.

#2 – Information, Advice and Guidance

Having the key information on travel, health, destination, and supplier restrictions, was rated as a key element in having the confidence to start travelling again

In the early part of the lockdown phase, we spent a lot of time evaluating the various information sources relating to country entry requirements, health restrictions, measures being introduced by airlines and hotels etc. Having established reliable and current information sources we created solutions so that our consultants can quickly access the information and provide it to our clients in multiple forms, throughout the travel booking process, from travel enquiry to confirmation. During your trip we also provide updates should the advice, restrictions or timetables alter and will contact you with alternative plans if required.

We will make some of the information that our consultants have access to available to clients but ultimately, we see it’s our job to provide this information for you. Additionally, we can share the advice and feedback of other travellers who have recently travelled to your destination.

#3 – Travel less, but Travel WELL

Over 50% of survey respondents believe that they will travel less in the next 18 months as compared to in 2019. We’ve all realised that homeworking and virtual meetings/calls can reduce the amount of travelling we need to do. In some circumstances, a trip will still be the best way to do business and our survey told us that price will still be a key element.

Our consultants are exactly that. CONSULTANTS. Their job is not only to find you the cheapest price but also the best VALUE options for your trip. Going back to the point on flexibility, the cheapest fare may not allow you to change and be non-refundable if you cancel. By paying a little extra for your ticket you will able to change or cancel your plans for free or just a small charge. We will always look to see if travelling in a different class might provide better value. You might be travelling less but it might be worth spending a little more on each trip to make it easier, more comfortable, and potentially safer, for your travellers. For example, travelling in Business Class rather than economy could provide the following benefits:

  • More flexibility to change or cancel without penalty
  • Priority Check-in and shorter queues at the airport
  • Lounge Access – so more space in a private area whilst waiting to board
  • More space in the aircraft cabin between seats (social distancing)
  • Usually first to leave the aircraft so shorter queuing times for border security etc.
  • Baggage is normally first of the aircraft so less time in crowded baggage halls

We will, as we’ve always done, use our own discounted fares, purchase tickets from partner agencies in other countries, and suggest minor alternatives such as travelling a day either side of that planned, to negate the fare increase associated with a “jump” in class.

The price of an air ticket is just one of several elements that go up to make the true total cost of the trip. If you travellers take the cheapest fare but then do not feel completely safe when travelling, arrive for their meetings stressed and dreading the return journey then that has an impact on how successful the trip was in a business sense and is it providing the best value?

Hopefully, we’ve shown that we’ve been pro-active and adaptable to the changes that Covid-19 will make to the travel “normal” for a while. We appreciate that you might be travelling less than before but, ironically, because of the advice, guidance and support we provide, there’s never been a better time to use your Travel Management company more.

Travel less. More Good Travel….

We also conduct regular surveys on our services and solutions.

Read some of the results from our last survey HERE.

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